The pumpkin tree festival


Ella Jennings

Newest trends this fall!

Katie Sherwood, Capstone Editor

As the singular tree by the Dining Commons begins its color transformation, the flavors and scents of pumpkin spice are drifting in on the cool, autumn breeze. To commemorate this exciting time of year, the Westmont Activities Council, or WAC, sets up a pumpkin patch on Kerrwood Lawn that hosts a cozy, fall festival. The festival even managed to entice the more studious of our peers out of their dorms. The event featured a pumpkin spice latte truck that served the delicious fall drink during the event. Students also picked out tiny pumpkins from the patch to take home and to be featured on their Instagrams. The lead organizer for the festival shared “We had the largest turnout this year than any other before! Not counting student workers and other extroverted personalities we paid to come, a whopping six students came on their own accord!” 

Other attractions included a hayride around campus pulled by Scott Lisea and a pumpkin carving contest, which was won by the only participant. The festivities culminated in the unveiling of a large pumpkin to replace the infamous pickle tree. The orange, misshapen frame now towers above the roof of Kerrwood, visible from nearly every spot on campus. One of the attendees told reporters, “That’s a ___ large pumpkin.”* They also shared, “I only stopped by because they were giving away free stuff and there’s food. I totally forgot this was happening.”

The organization leader however, remained optimistic: “This festival had a significant 100% increase from other community events this year! It looks like the buzz of excitement from the festivities has even lasted past the event itself, which is absolutely unprecedented!”

Indeed, since the event concluded, there have been some strange activities surrounding what has been dubbed the “pumpkin tree.” Westmont Security has spotted what are presumably students kneeling in rows in front of the tree under the light of the full moon. Offerings of untouched pumpkin spice lattes, scones and even infinity scarves were found arranged in an artful pattern at the base of the pumpkin tree. 

One of the student members of WAC expressed their concern, “I think the people who came to the fall festival got a little too invested. Or maybe there is just something weird in our pumpkin spice mixes.” 

Currently, there is no further information regarding a correlation between the students who consumed any of the spiced drinks or snacks and this strange behavior. 

“It’s time we put pumpkin spice in everything!” President Beebe declared towards the end of the festival, after downing his third latte. His excitement was shared by all six attendees.

The fact remains undeniable that the 2022 fall festival will go down as the most beloved celebration in Westmont history. The beginnings of a new cult blossoming in the center of campus stand as testimony to the success of this year’s activities council.

*censored to protect the innocence of the reader

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