Fashion week’s spray on dress takes internet by storm

Westmont Fashion Club takes notice


Ella Jennings

This year’s Fashion Week saw a range of aesthetics represented.

Madison Huntington, Staff Writer

Last week, an eye-catching moment from the Coperni fashion show at Paris Fashion Week went viral. Viewers around the globe watched as designers sprayed famous model Bella Hadid with an innovative, liquid material that dried as fabric within minutes, essentially creating a brand new dress in real time. All this media attention has sparked renewed interest in and rekindled familiar controversies regarding the world of fashion. Yet, despite going viral, this spray-on fashion phenomenon is not brand new. 

Emily Wheeler — the founder and president of Westmont Fashion Club — offered some insight into the spray paint fabric phenomenon, “I don’t think most people know that Fabrican, a spray paint fabric, has been used before for shows. In 2011, designer Manel Torres invented this technology.” Wheeler also noted how Hadid using this innovation likely led to its extreme popularity, saying, “That’s how you get your press in and the people talking.” However, she maintained, “I think it was genius of Coperni to include this set in his show. Many people don’t know that clothes only make up part of a fashion show. The design of the walk, the models, the experience is what really makes a show iconic.”

Users on social media apps such as TikTok also took notice of the spray on dress, with hundreds of thousands putting on a “Bella Hadid” face filter and lip syncing to a clip of the famous model’s voice. Wheeler mentioned how she thinks “Social media is instrumental in setting trends today,” and that “Seeing how different parts of the world dress and putting your own local spin on it is how trends are made. I love seeing Upper East Side meet Granola Girl.” 

Increased attention on fashion as a result of this event also led many on social media to talk about modeling and its controversies. Wheeler offered some insight into why these conversations took place, “The modeling world has a huge stigma around it with many different stereotypes.” Looking at changes within the industry over the past 20 years she found that, ultimately, “At the center of every brand should be people.” 

The Westmont Fashion Club brought together students to discuss the spray on dress and other Paris Fashion Week events, as well as other fashion headlines. In addition to fostering fashion-related discussion on campus, the club was founded to provide “a space at Westmont where people who also want a career in fashion can come network and learn different career paths,” said Wheeler. For all those seeking to have their own Hadid-like moment, she offered some timeless fashion advice, “The best outfits are the ones you pour confidence out of.” 

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