The embers of rebellion

Kaleb Martinez, Staff Writer

A rebellion is born from a spark of passion, a desire for justice and the courage to go rogue. When people think of “Star Wars” they often think of the ongoing feud between the Jedi and the Sith. But the “Star Wars” galaxy ultimately provides a setting where stories unfold. Andor explores a more boots-on-the-ground approach to “Star Wars”: an exploration of the fighters that formed the rebellion we follow in the original trilogy. We find that Cassian Andor – played by Diego Luna – has always been a fighter. He lives a shady life of secrecy and distrust, constantly fighting to stay alive and he manages to do so only by prioritizing himself. Cassian’s selfish lifestyle backs him into many corners with few allies to rely on for assistance. That is, until a member of the rebellion asks Andor to fight for something bigger than himself.

With the prospect of payment, Cassian takes the job fighting for the rebellion. He is placed with a team of five others who try to carry out an outlandish plan: attack an Imperial barracks. The team hides out on a lush green planet, posing as native shepherds to get by. Soon, viewers watch the tragedy of the planet’s native people being pushed out by the empire, showing the disregard and harsh authoritarian methods of the empire. Viewers may find this to mirror Cassian’s story, as Cassian too was once an indigenous person whose people were expelled from their homeland after they raided a crashed imperial spacecraft with seemingly classified cargo. Acts of oppression such as these fuel not only Cassian but the entirety of the rebellion to rise up against the empire.

While Andor and his new rebel compatriots choose to show their disdain for the empire by attacking an imperial garrison, we also follow Mon Mothma, a politician who does her best to fight for good in the senate. She does her best to fight for just laws in the senate, but ultimately her attempts are outnumbered by corrupt senators. She, like Cassian, learns to remain silent and not draw attention to herself. 

The empire was built upon the ashes of the Jedi, a symbol of peace, who themselves became manipulated into violence. In the aftermath, violence became the norm. Andor highlights multiple facets of rebellion, from a ragtag boots-on-the-ground operation to a politician using their influence to fight for what they believe in. Both have the odds stacked against them, but they continue to fight to forge a tomorrow they would be happy to live in.

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