A campaign for Boise Fry Company

Jordan Cuskey, Guest Writer

Have you ever craved french fries? That’s a stupid question because I know every one of you has. French fries are the world’s most delicious fast food commodity. But, what if your french fry experience could be more than a late night fast food run? What if it was customized to your exact liking? We all have a preference towards which french fries are our favorites. Boise Fry company in Boise, Idaho does just that.

Upon walking into Boise Fry Company you are greeted with a dazzling chalk board menu. However, this joint isn’t known only for French fries; their burgers are quite the talk of the town. 

However, as I am a vegetarian, I will not be discussing anything other than their delectable fry options. Boise Fry Company serves six different potatoes, gold, red, russet, yam, sweet potato and Japanese purple sweet potato. Once you choose the potato, you choose the cut. Options include regular, homestyle, curly, shoestring and potato balls. 

As of now I have tried every cut other than for shoestring. For me, regular fries take the cake, followed by homestyle, curly and lastly the potato balls. I was expecting a tater tot but instead received a fried mashed potato ball. I couldn’t eat more than two. Sizing for Boise Fry Company is a strong point. A small fry there is enough to count as a meal. In fact, I have never dared to order the large, but even so, the large costs only a bit over five dollars. 

The experience doesn’t stop after ordering the fries, for there is a stocked sauce and salt station. I am a sauce lady, and I am beyond pleased with the Boise Fry Company selection. They have everything from ketchup, spicy ketchup, classic bbq and honey mustard, to chipotle and garlic aiolis, a secret Boise fry sauce, and seasonal ketchups and aiolis as well. Salts vary from classic sea salt, to zaatar and cajun seasonings. Every order is customizable to your exact liking. The bonus is, sauce is out and about. No extra payment is required. 

Another wonderful aspect of Boise Fry Company are the values and the overall vibe of the restaurant. All of the potatoes are sourced in Idaho, the potato state if you will. A scattering of couches, benches, bar seats and tables offer a variety of seating options. I have never experienced a restaurant like this until visiting Boise. It is a popular downtown spot, with several other locations scattered about. So, if you are ever in Idaho, make sure to stop at Boise Fry Company for the best french fry experience of your life. 

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