A campaign for Sweetgreen

Jordan Cuskey, Guest Writer

For those of you who have never heard of Sweetgreen, I apologize. A culinary gem has been hidden from you, which I suppose is understandable considering it can only be found in select locations across the United States.  

Sweetgreen is a build-your-own salad and bowl chain which was founded in 2007 in Georgetown by Jonathan Neman and his two friends Nicolas Jammet and Nathaniel Ru. The setup of Sweetgreen is similar to that of Chipotle. You choose your greens, roasted and raw veggies, proteins, cheese and other ad-ons. I myself have visited Sweetgreen’s original location, though the Georgetown location is no longer in the same building. Sweetgreen can now be found in cities such as Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C and in different parts of Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Illinois, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania and California. Where isn’t there a Sweetgreen? Santa Barbara!

You might be wondering what is so special about these salads? Each ingredient is locally sourced. They openly tell you where they get each ingredient on the wall, including the farms in which the veggies are grown. The bread they serve comes from a local bakery which varies by location. Vegetables are not simply sliced and diced, they are roasted, seasoned and made consistently fresh in house. The dressings are also Sweetgreen originals and there is a variety of selections from classic caesar to miso-ginger and spicy cashew.  

My love for Sweetgreen stems back to our very first encounter. I was at the Ardmore, PA location in early high school. At the time, Sweetgreen was a card only business as it was thought to promote speed, cleanliness and to dissuade robberies. I did not have a card on hand as I didn’t know the company was paperless. The smiling and kind worker who rang me up bought my salad. Since this moment I have been a dedicated consumer. For years I have missed Sweetgreen’s presence in my life. I used to get giftcards for Christmas which were used up in a month. I know I am not alone in my love for a great salad. There is always a line for the school’s salad bar and though it is wonderful, it is painfully basic. The veggies are raw and the dressings remain boringly consistent. I know people in Santa Barbara are into their health foods. The grocery stores here sell more supplements than candy options most of the time. This is why Santa Barbara needs a Sweetgreen. 

The closest Sweetgreen to Santa Barbara is in Thousand Oaks. That is 52 miles away, making your final journey an hour each way, 104 miles total, and cost over $40 in gas money. My roommate and I have contemplated driving to Sweetgreen countless times, but the cost to drive there alone could get you four salads. Sweetgreen would be a healthy, relatively pocket friendly chain to add to Santa Barbara’s repertoire. I have even been able to convert those who typically stray away from salads through my love for Sweetgreen.

Join the fight! Help us make Sweetgreen a sweet, sweet reality for all who walk Westmont’s grounds.

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