What your favorite “Midnights” song says about you

Wesley Yowell, Guest Writer

This handy guide to Taylor Swift’s new album, “Midnights,” is meant to help any and all Taylor fans navigate this exciting and emotional time. However, this is no mere personality quiz. As the Swifties among you know, your favorite Taylor album, song, pop culture moment, boyfriend, etc. defines your entire personality, more than any astrological sign, enneagram or Myers-Briggs result ever could. So without any further ado, here’s what your favorite “Midnights” song says about you.

Lavender Haze:

You are probably in a very loving and supportive relationship. You and your partner have likely overcome some sort of adversity and come out even stronger as a result. You are a resilient person and have a life story worth hearing.


You were once in a very serious relationship that, for one reason or another, didn’t work out. You and this person may not be on the best of terms but you certainly respect the love you had for one another. You’re an old soul whose heart belongs in a cozy cabin tucked away somewhere in the woods of upstate New York.


You suffer from a sense of self-awareness that is not entirely accurate. In your prior relationships, you may have been “the problem” but not realized it until it was too late. Your sense of self-worth is sure to see you become financially successful and previous bad romances have given you enough experience to know what you want.

Snow on the Beach:

You love to be the star of the show! You may ask others for their assistance but ultimately overshadow them and act like they are not there once they agree to contribute to your cause. Despite this, you are a relatively agreeable person and have good luck when it comes to romance.

You’re On Your Own Kid:

You are willing to sacrifice anything for success in your chosen field. You may have forsaken some people in your past, romantic partners included. This loneliness and determination have led to an abundance of studying and self-reflection; you are a very intelligent person. Your ambition has finally turned back on yourself and you are ready for love!

Midnight Rain:
Like the “You’re On Your Own Kid” lovers, you have an unquenchable ambition. However, you may be a little more brash and unforgiving than your counterpart. Despite your tunnel vision, you love to live in moments of reminiscence and it takes a toll on your emotions. You need a partner with similar goals and your work ethic will certainly help you find one!


You love a spectacle! You are passionate about your personal relationships and you are not afraid to show it. Despite this flamboyance, you have a melancholic disposition that you mask with grandeur. Fortunately, the perfect partner to bring the real you out of your shell is just around the corner.

Vigilante Sh*t:

You are most definitely in an era of self-love. Perhaps you were jaded by a past romance or friendship but it does not matter now. This is your world and we are all just living in it. Anyone who has even thought about wronging you should say their prayers and sleep with one eye open. Oh, and your favorite album is definitely “Reputation.”


If this is your favorite, please seek help.


You may have been a particularly anxious person in the past but someone you loved deeply helped you overcome your insecurities and blossom into the gorgeous person you are today. You may not still be with that person who turned your life “right around” but you will always appreciate them for helping you shine. You are a bright light, never forget it!


You, like your vigilante friends, really relish the concept of revenge. You probably really love astrology, crystals and cats! You are a very whimsical person that just rolls with the punches that the universe doles out to you and through it all you keep a smile on your face! Your true passions and love will come to you organically.

Sweet Nothing:

Hello to my fellow “Folklore” lovers! You are a person that feels, and is, unconditionally loved. You are very content, happy and most importantly, at home with the person you love. You either are or will be with someone who serves as your perfect partner. You both enjoy the little things and indulge yourselves in life’s small nuances. Happy trails!


You love when things go according to plan. Your stout nature may not have won you many friends as a child, but your warm heart attracts people in droves now! You are a fantastic friend and those close to you find you very mirrorball-esque. You are always the center of attention and you have no shortage of suitors as a result.

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