Liz Truss resigns after just six weeks, concluding the shortest term of a U.K. Prime Minister


Ella Jennings

Liz Truss stepped down from her office as the U.K.’s Prime Minister after public outcry regarding economic reforms.

Madison Huntington, Staff Writer

On Oct. 25, 2022, Rishi Sunak was appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. This transition of power followed mounting political and social pressure leading to the resignation of previous office holder Liz Truss, whose time as Prime Minister lasted just short of fifty days in office. This moment marked a historical milestone, with Truss setting the record for the shortest serving Prime Minister in the U.K.’s history.

As a professor of history and Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, Dr. Chapman highlighted this context, saying, “The closest parallel would be George Canning, who was Prime Minister for 119 days in 1827. But Canning’s period in office ended because he died.” More recently, Boris Johnson was Prime Minister for 1,079 days and Theresa May for 1,107 as reported by NBC News.

In his first speech as Prime Minister, Sunak stated, “I want to pay tribute to my predecessor Liz Truss, she was not wrong to want to improve growth in this country, it is a noble aim. And I admired her restlessness to create change. But some mistakes were made. Not born of ill will or bad intentions. Quite the opposite, in fact. But mistakes nonetheless. ” 

The short period of office maintained by Liz Truss leading up to this event was not the only unprecedented aspect of Sunak’s appointment. Sunak, born in Southern England to parents of Indian heritage, became the first Prime Minister of color. In this position of leadership, Sunak stated he aims to “place economic stability and confidence at the heart” of the government’s agenda. Only time will tell how long Sunak will hold the office of Prime Minister, but Larry the Cat’s unofficial Twitter account has already begun to speculate how things will go. 

 Truss was not spared by the press following her resignation. Reports of how “Larry the Cat: Chief Mouser of the Cabinet Office,” a fifteen-year-old tabby cat and beloved public figure of sorts, outlasted four Prime Ministers surfaced. Posting from his unofficial twitter account, Larry the Cat made an announcement that went viral. On Oct. 20, the cat said, “The King has asked me to become Prime Minister because this nonsense has gone on long enough.” Also receiving global media attention was what The Guardian called “A wilting 60p iceberg lettuce from Tesco in a blond wig” that reportedly maintained its vitality for a week, demonstrating an endurance some perceived to be comically missing from Truss’ ephemeral period in office. 

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