Westmont Fashion Club: A space to express yourself 

Alex Wagner , Staff Writer

A new club is emerging on Westmont’s campus: Westmont Fashion Club. If you love studying celebrity wardrobes or tinkering with your own personal style, you won’t want to miss out on this one.

Emily Wheeler, a second-year student majoring in business and economics, is starting a fashion club which she hopes Westmont students will be able to use for both personal enjoyment and connecting with Westmont alumni who have found a successful career in the fashion industry.

Wheeler herself has also expressed her interest in becoming a fashion executive in the future. “I would love to work for Kering, LVM or L’oreal. Then I want to own my own company one day!”

As for the club and its regular events, Wheeler has already made many arrangements and has plenty of ideas to implement in the future. “Right now we are currently bringing in people from the fashion industry to speak on various topics like apparel, supply chain, communications and PR. We would love to expand to attending events in the community, touring local warehouses and maybe even holding a fashion show in the future … who knows!” 

“When it comes to the level of commitment in this club, participating in the club is what you make of it, ” Wheeler says. “If fashion is your thing and you are passionate about fashion then come to every event and even email me if you want to take on a bigger role. Just interested in an event … that’s cool too; just come to that!”

Wheeler suggests everyone who is interested in fashion to give the club a try. The club boasts a welcoming environment for both those well-versed in today’s successful clothing brands and those who are still trying to figure out what YSL really stands for.

“Anybody who is interested in a career in fashion [should come]! We love connecting students to people who can help jumpstart their careers. Anyone who also just wants to learn something new! Fashion is something we all care about. You wake up and pick out your own clothes? You care about fashion. It’s a way we all express ourselves.”

Reach out to Emily with any questions about the club or any inquiries about leadership positions. How cool would it be to have a student-involved fashion show in Santa Barbara?

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