What is tea meditation and why should you try it?

Jordan Cuskey, Staff Writer

I recently participated in a guided tea time meditation for the first time. I have always wanted to explore a meditation practice, but found it daunting and difficult to simply sit still and breathe. 

This may raise the question: what is tea time meditation? Tea Meditation is a grounding exercise used to center the being and remain fully present in the moment. Having a prop such as tea is helpful for many in the act of meditation, which on its own can seem daunting. In order to begin tea meditation all you need is yourself, a cup of tea and a space you feel comfortable in. 

Begin this exercise by closing your eyes and feeling the warm mug in your hand. Begin breathing deeply and focus your attention on the scent of your tea and tracing it through your mind. 

Continue by opening your eyes, looking at the color of the tea in your mug, the way the bag sits and the way the liquid moves. 

Take slow sips of the tea. 

Think of those who harvested and processed the tea, the farmers whose hands harvested the leaves you drink. Hold gratitude for them. 

Think of someone in your life, maybe even someone who is with you and hold gratitude for them. Recenter and focus back on yourself and the present moment.

This practice can be helpful in moments of anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. A benefit of tea meditation in comparison to other forms of meditation is that you do not have to clear your thoughts for this exercise to be effective, simply focus them on what is in front of you. If you do not like tea this can be done with another drink of choice. Tea however, is linked to peace because of the aromas and warmth involved. 

I encourage you to try tea meditation for yourself. It can be a helpful exercise both when implemented regularly or when done occasionally. I have found this to be a wonderful way to start the day. Instead of letting myself focus on all the stressors roaming around my brain, to-do lists and worries, I find centering myself in gratitude and the present to be grounding. 

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