Andrew Medlock explores the global church


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Andrew Medlock, Core team member of Emmaus Road

Lexi McWilliams , Features Editor

Westmont students have access to a plethora of travel opportunities that expand horizons and help facilitate connections with other cultures. Andrew Medlock, a fourth-year student majoring in history and minoring in religious studies, is closing out his time at Westmont as a core team director of Emmaus Road, one of the college’s most unique service-based programs. 

After high school, Medlock originally committed to another college where he anticipated struggling to find his place, so he made the tough decision to take a gap year. While attending church at home in San Luis Obispo, Westmont alumnus Benjamin Peterson encouraged Medlock to visit Westmont. Medlock decided to apply at his encouragement and recalls his acceptance, saying, “I felt like this is where God was leading me, it felt right. I was excited about [coming to Westmont] which I hadn’t expected.” 

In his first year at Westmont, Medlock joined the Citadel team as a writer, and was the editor in chief of the Citadel last school year. “I’m not someone who naturally gets involved, and I thought that would be a good way to get involved on campus,” Medlock remembers. This year, Medlock took a step back from the editor in chief position so he is able to more effectively lead Emmaus Road. 

Last year, Medlock applied for a trip with Emmaus Road and was accepted. Before going on the summer trip, all accepted students are required to take a course during the spring semester, which Medlock says was the “highlight of [his] spring semester.” Last summer, Medlock embarked on his first trip with Emmaus Road to Uganda. He says, “The trip confirmed to me that I wanted to get involved in leadership.” 

While on the trip, the group stayed with a local pastor and his wife. “We preached at the church, we taught the kids at school and hung out with the kids at the children’s home. We spent a month immersed in their culture, just meeting people and trying to build relationships.” 

Now in his first semester as core team leader of Emmaus Road, Medlock is responsible for ensuring that Emmaus Road’s goals are reached. “I am in charge of setting up  chapel speakers for [Global Focus] week. We are also getting ready for teaching the required class next semester and we’ve just finished interviewing students who applied for next semester.”

The Bible verse Medlock chose for Emmaus Road this year is Ephesians 3:14-21 – Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians. Medlock says, “Paul had just established this church in Ephesus and he could have easily rushed to expand the church and try to convert more people to Christianity, but that’s not what he did. His main focus was to make the Ephesians feel loved and to show them that Jesus cares. It would be easy for [Emmaus Road] to fall into the trap of worrying what they can do to grow the church, but our goal is to make our students and our partners in those countries feel secure, loved and cared for by God and by the global church that they’re encountering.”

Medlock encourages all Westmont students to look into Emmaus Road and keep an open mind as to whether the program would be right for them. He says, “I hope we can get students thinking about how big the Gospel is and how they can fit into that work.” 

Reach out to Andrew if a trip with Emmaus Road interests you!

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