Why dances aren’t just for high school students

Molly Rapske, Staff Writer

If you’re anything like me, you hated high school. It was a time of transition between the arguably worse years of middle school and the cusp of young adulthood. And at the peak of high school experiences is the famed high school dance. 

Oh, the high school dance. So many things to reminisce on. I remember the days of shopping for a dress, coordinating rides with my friend’s parents, and hoping that the DJ would play good music.  

High school dances were some of the most looked forward to events I can remember from those years. However, there was something that I always felt encumbered by: the pressure to act like an adult and not my age. So many high school students, including myself, were afraid to let loose and just have fun because of fear of being judged for acting childish and immature. 

As the time for the highly anticipated Westmont Fall Formal comes around, it’s time to take a step back and reclaim your high school years, without all of the awkwardness associated with being a teenager. Don’t be afraid to let loose and bust it down to the Whip and Nae Nae!

There are so many reasons to not grow up too quickly. Even as college students facing the impending doom of a future career path, it can never be too late to embrace being a kid. These day are characterized by very adult things. We can stand to let loose a little and enjoy ourselves. 

There should be no rush to grow up. As a saying from 2012 taught me, you only live once. And life is short. It can be like a handful of sand. The tighter you try and hold on to it, the faster it falls out. So don’t grow up too fast, and embrace living in the moment. 

A survey taken of over 1,000 parents and children indicates that 88 percent of parents miss their childhood years. I can imagine that a survey taken of college students would produce a similar number. There are so many reasons why you should love being a kid!

Getting in touch with your inner child will allow you to let go of your insecurities and embrace the awkwardness. One thing that is so great about children is that they simply do not care for the first few years of their lives. Kids aren’t afraid to ask questions, and be inquisitive. 

In light of this, get on out there, and reclaim your high school dance. Embrace your inner teenager, let loose, and have fun!

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