Diverse class of 2023 quickly growing roots in Westmont community

Students living in former Clark lounges due to size of class

Abbie Leffler, Staff Writer

The lines at the DC just got a whole lot longer thanks to the new pack of Westmont Warriors! The class of 2023 is one of the largest and most diverse groups of Westmont students to ever climb this campus’s hills. 


On August 22, 2019, a massive wave of freshman descended upon the Westmont campus. They came stocked with no shortage of boxes and bins, posters and twinkle lights with which to adorn their dorm rooms. The class of 2023 is an enthusiastic bunch, fresh and ready to dive headfirst into this school year and all it has to offer. 


The current first-year class has a whopping 461 students, so the upper campus halls like Page, Emerson, and Clark are packed full with eager underclassmen. Because of the sheer size of this new pack of first-years, Clark Hall has been maxed out so much that there are students living in former lounges. 


Sophomore Allie White led an Orientation team in charge of welcoming new students, and got to spend some quality time with a large portion of the incoming class. She expressed how “energetic” the bunch is and how “from moving in to now, it’s been cool to see how they’ve been so intentional with each other.” 


White admired how “they’ve already begun interacting with people older than them on campus” and are integrating into the Westmont family. The class verse for the class of ‘23 is Colossians 2:7, which talks about letting your “roots grow down into Him.” 


This class has wasted no time in growing their roots down into this community, even in the first few weeks of being here. The diverse class has a myriad of gifts and talents that will surely thrive here at Westmont. 


The incoming class is a smart group with an average GPA of 3.88 and an average SAT score of 1220. In addition to this, 20 percent of the first-year class are the first in their families to ever attend college — an amazing achievement. As the class begins their Westmont journey, it’s going to be exciting to watch the things that they achieve not only here on campus, but in the broader Santa Barbara community and the years to come. 


A good portion of the first-year class participated in the first year retreat at Forest Home Ojai recently. They worked on growing their community and figuring out where their place is in the Westmont community while enjoying God’s creation. 


A first-year class of this size at Westmont is an amazing feat for enrollment and has some important implications for the future. A class this size perhaps demonstrates an increased interest in all that a Liberal Arts education has to offer, and is an amazing sign of God’s provision for the school. 


Westmont has been given the opportunity to foster not only the minds of the class of ‘23, but also to impact their Christian walk in a deep, meaningful way. God is on the move at Westmont, and the freshman class this year is a wonderful symbol of all the good things to come.  


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