Finding fellowship around the Common Table

Emily Parks, Guest Writer

“Sitting down for a meal together is one of the most fundamental ways to bridge division and build community. It is a basic starting point toward deeper understanding and relationship-building,” writes Common Table, an event hosted by the Lois & Walter Capps Project.


My name is Emily Parks. I am spending the semester participating in the Westmont Downtown program, and have partnered with the Lois & Walker Capps Project to continue to bring the community together over a meal at the Common Table. Common Table seeks to build neighborly connection between the people of Santa Barbara over good food and good conversation. 


The Capps Project is a local nonprofit whose mission is to connect “our community through authentic and essential dialogue.” In an era of political turmoil, the Capps Project believes that the heartbeat of a healthy democracy is inclusive, authentic dialogue among people of all backgrounds. 


Intentional connectivity between people is essential in giving voice to those in society’s margins, and critical in developing a culture of belonging, participation, and collaboration. At the Common Table, there are no speeches and no politics — just food, laughter, and meaningful conversation. 


All are welcome, and I especially encourage Westmont students to come down the hill and engage in our community. Come out and see what is happening in our city. Meet some of our neighbors in the Eastside, and join us for another round of revitalizing and celebrating our community.  


Share a meal around the Common Table this coming Sunday, September 15th, from 2:00-5:00 PM on the Santa Barbara Junior High front lawn. Bring your favorite food, a (non-alcoholic) drink or two, and a friend. Get to know the people who live in our city.


Visit the Capps for more information. See you there!


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