“Noelle” offers Christmas cheer

Keilani Mayo, Staff Writer

Looking for a new comedic Christmas movie to watch this upcoming winter season? The new movie “Noelle”, starring Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader, captures a mixture of Christmas cheer and comedic puns. Kendrick’s previous movies such as “Pitch Perfect” and “A Simple Favor” have built the actress a sarcastic and tough demeanor. However, in “Noelle,” Kendrick takes on the role of Noelle Kringle, the daughter of Santa Claus who is characterized as sweet, cheerful, and bubbly. Meanwhile, Bill Hader of “Saturday Night Live” fame plays the son of Santa Claus, Nick Kringle, and brings his classic comedic personality to his character.

“Noelle” is Disney Plus’ first original Christmas movie, and just like any other Disney movie, it has cheesy, innocent themes and humor. In addition, the movie covers real social issues such as women’s empowerment and the problems that people deal with during the holidays.

In our society, people being unable to spend Christmas with their families is increasingly becoming more common. Throughout campus, many of our peers can’t go home because of their family situations, their sport, or because they can’t afford to go back home.

“Noelle” reminds its viewers not to take advantage of material things and instead be grateful during this season. Another issue that Disney touches on in this movie is breaking stigmas around gendered holiday traditions. For example, have you ever seen Santa Claus do yoga in a movie?

Throughout the film, Christmas puns and slang replacements are frequently mentioned, leaving the viewer with an overwhelming feeling of Christmas joy. Characters all throughout the movie say phrases such as “Oh My Garland,” or if something is not working, then it would be phrased as “That’s Naughty.”

Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader do an amazing job in capturing the Christmas spirit in the movie “Noelle.” Their experienced acting and comedic personas help make this movie more entertaining than many other Christmas films.

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