Music department welcomes alum Bryan Lane


Photo courtesy Bryan Lane

Bryan Lane graduated from Westmont in 2010.

Keilani Mayo, Staff Writer

“Do you know who you are? Are you confident in what you want and don’t want?” Bryan Lane grappled with these questions from Pauletta Devaughn as he struggled to decide his life’s calling. It was at that moment in which simple questions helped shape Bryan Lane’s perspective on his musical career. Lane believes that these questions were some of his biggest tests. He applied this encounter to every aspect of his life, and it helped him discover his true purpose: music. 

For as long as he can remember, music has played a key role in Lane’s life. From exploring his musical passions in high school to attending theatre camps in his youth, Lane finds himself back on campus to share his passion, nine years after graduating from Westmont in 2010, when he received a B.A. in Music and decided what he wanted to do with his future. 

Lane, now a Westmont voice instructor, looks to make an impact on campus. For the upcoming year, Lane has high hopes for himself and his students. Being a former Warrior, Lane says, “It’s a weird transition,” from being a student taking lessons to now being the instructor giving vocal lessons. “It’s both a treat and challenge to be colleagues with past professors,” Lane describes his transition. 

After many years of musical experience post-college, Lane hopes to impart his knowledge to his students. Some of his previous endeavours include singing at Opera Santa Barbara, performing with Master Chorale, an All Pro Choir in Los Angeles, and being part of a soundtrack for the film Lacrimosa. 

With an abundance  of both successes and failures under his belt, Lane hopes to inspire his students by sharing everything he knows. He experienced several setbacks, struggling with vocal technique and being in his head when he performs. Lane says that “going through failure, and being successful” allows for him to truly express his raw emotion. This year, he instructs his students to do the same and be vulnerable and honest when performing their pieces. He advises his students to be fearless and unafraid of risks. Under the stewardship of Dr. Dechaine, Dr. Shasberger, Dr. Brothers, and many more professors during his time at Westmont, Lane looks forward to inspiring his students the same way. During his time at Westmont, Lane remembers, “The more I found my reason    –– glorifying God, creating community and peace through music –– I found myself to be more relaxed and have inner peace.” He hopes his students can achieve the same mindset under his leadership. 

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