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Jacob Francis, Student Alumni Association Adjunct

We all have burning questions inside us. Why is the DC soft serve so addicting? What actually goes on in the Oceanview apartments? Will I be able to get a job after graduating? So this week we took to you, the students, and polled for the questions you’d most like to have answered, specifically about life after Westmont. To answer these questions, we asked recent grads to weigh in, because who could better advise young adults than young adults? Identities will remain anonymous to protect the privacy of those who responded from being solicited for guest speeches in chapel. 

The first question, asked by an unnamed freshman, was about the pros and cons of pursuing further education after graduating. “There really aren’t any cons,” replied a recent Westmont grad, who will probably be starting medical school after his three planned gap years. “I’ve heard classes just get easier from here on out, and accumulating debt for another seven years has little negative effect on your future.”

The second question, one asked by a large number of students, was about what living situations would be like after four years in dorms. A recent communications graduate had this to say on the matter: “living outside of college is great, I’ve never been closer to my friends. The eight of us rent a cozy two bedroom together and have plenty of space to park the car we share. Next month I’ll be moving back in with my parents just to refocus, but I’ll be out on my own soon.”

The last question picked was about how to demonstrate professionalism as an adult entering the workplace. “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have,” said recent business grad. “I own two suits, one for sleeping, one for projecting the success I choose to manifest. Always give a firm handshake and make sure to maintain piercingly long eye contact. Discomfort equals memorable equals brand recognition. As an entrepreneur, you are selling the experience of your persona, not your product.” The graduate included that he was selling self improvement lessons through his private YouTube channel.

The biggest takeaway with which all the graduates interviewed agreed was that they’re “glad they just enjoyed their college experience and didn’t overextend themselves. Make sure to prioritize comfort and ease in your education.”

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