Fun things Seniors have to look forward to this semester!

Ashton Kelly

Hello Seniors! What a four years it has been for us at Westmont College! At this point, I’m sure we’re all just used to the routine of having to do school in major times of crisis as if nothing is happening, and for that we can all put “resilience” on our resumes as we enter into a job market in a recession. In light of all this, I wanted to make a list of things that we can all look forward to now that we’re safely practicing social isolation and self-quarantine!


March 28: Spring Sad

Instead of participating in Spring Sing this year you’ll have the opportunity to instead spend time alone learning Tik Tok dances! Forget having to stay up late spending time with people working on backdrops and learning dances that you’ll never be able to actually master, now you can just sit in your room watching Netflix and not worry about embarrassing yourself in front of your WOW at the Arlington. And I mean, Spring Sing at the Arlington? Who was even going to go anyways?


April 4: Social Isolation Formal

Spring Formal was sure to be rained out this year anyways, so this is honestly for the best. Just think of the money WAC is going to save on not renting out the Fess Parker and all of the food they’re not having to buy and will instead be able to pour into Formal next year when we’re not there. So instead I hope you all have fun Zoom-ing in to Social Isolation Formal and awkwardly dancing in your room.


April 25: Movie in your bed

A great time to join together with the Westmont community on that Google Chrome Netflix group watching extension. Forget real human contact and enjoying watching a movie with the wider Westmont community while eating Dave’s Dogs and barbecue, now we get to stay in the comfort of our own homes like we have for the past two weeks and enjoy everyone’s company virtually!


May 1: Stay-at-home-alaureate

A night that I’m sure none of us were looking forward to at all. I’m sure everyone is fine that we don’t get this opportunity to spend one last night with our class and celebrate our faith and the fact that we finished college. 


May 2: Sad-uation

In all seriousness, this whole situation has been no fun at all. I’m straight up NOT having a good time. But speaking as a biologist, this is very necessary to save so many lives, but I also don’t want to belittle what I’m sure most seniors are feeling right now. This is a time when we thought we’d be able to spend time with our friends before we all enter the “real world,” and now we’re being forced into a “real world” that nobody will be able to recognize when this is all over. Who doesn’t love a good recession to go job hunting! Best of luck to all seniors now forced to say goodbye to their friends over FaceTime indefinitely as we quarantine until our little hearts give out!

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