Letter from the Editorial Board

Dear Westmont community:

Greetings from the great beyond! In this wild season of pandemics and online learning, we, The Horizon editorial board, are honored to continue serving you from a distance through our website!

As you may know, one of The Horizon’s semester goals is community engagement. Despite our dispersed state, we are determined to continue to provide a space where students and community members can have conversations about campus concerns. As our college continues to work through contentious issues involving race, institutional structure, and, most recently, viral outbreaks, we are excited to outline the ways that students and faculty can interact productively on our web platform!

First and foremost, The Horizon is proud to offer opportunities for all students to publish opinion pieces about issues relevant to the college. We believe that these pieces are the foundation of reasoned conversation and debate; as such, we publish as wide a variety of takes on issues as possible, regardless of our own opinions. If you are interested in publishing such a piece, or a response to a previous piece, feel free to contact our Op-Ed editor, Shae Caragher, at scaragher@westmont.edu, to find out more details.

Secondly, The Horizon recognizes that publishing an opinion can have very real, sometimes negative, consequences on a student’s life. In light of this, we offer an option to publish pieces anonymously. If you wish to contribute to The Horizon as an anonymous writer, the editorial board will independently confirm your identity before moving on to the normal editorial process. In addition, the board reserves the right to publish relevant demographic information, like race or gender, depending on the content of the opinion being written.  We hope that this option further opens up spaces for students to voice their opinions. 

Lastly, The Horizon offers a comment section on our website and Instagram for students to engage with content as it comes out. However, we must caution, with great conversational power comes great responsibility. The Horizon comment section is not a place to complain or to castigate, but rather a place to thoughtfully engage with all types of content. We can guarantee that you will not always agree with content posted; as journalists, we have a responsibility to represent all community viewpoints, even if they aren’t particularly popular. Knowing this, we encourage the community to evaluate critically and disagree kindly in a spirit of learning and unity. Only in this way can The Horizon serve to its full capacity as a place for students to converse about issues that really matter. 

We, as students ourselves, are broken-hearted at the separation of the community we love and the disruption of the normal channels of communication and conversation. We hope, in this small way, that The Horizon can continue to serve as a place for students to learn and interact, even when we can’t be physically together. 

Best wishes and happy writing!

The Horizon Editorial Board

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