Spring Sing lives on despite COVID-19

John Kiser , Staff Writer

COVID-19 has hugely affected college life, especially with the cancellation of normally scheduled spring activities. Spring Sing is not one of those to be terminated. Every year, Westmont College’s highly acclaimed and most anticipated spring event brings together a variety of acts, which display humor and choreographed talent, for the Santa Barbara community to enjoy. 

Spring Sing 2020 will be showcased on April 25, between Easter break and finals week, giving eager audiences joy and laughter online.  

Fourth year and head producer Kiani Hildebrandt says, “Spring Sing will be streamed live! Just like a sports video broadcast … It’ll be a continuous stream with Brad Elliot on one side and myself on the other. I will be hosting an Instagram Live, where the community can watch and comment easily on the show!” 

Just as classes take on a virtual dimension, the performers of Spring Sing will be engaging with Westmont hosts online and will allow the community to spectate through their devices. 

The performances themselves will run shorter online than they would on stage, with each residence hall and side act uploading a music video no longer than two minutes. 

Hildebrandt continues, “These videos are more fun music videos rather than skits. So in a sense, it’s more nonchalant and even goofier if that’s possible for Spring Sing.” 

Even in the midst of quarantine and social distancing, Westmont’s authentic and true spirit will still be carried by its excited student body and supporting community. 

First-year student and director for Emerson Hall’s video, Annika Britton, shares some insight. “We won’t be incorporating our original plot and skit in the video. Instead, we’ll be creating a new idea that is applicable to this unique circumstance. We’ll be asking anyone interested to send in video clips of themselves and we’ll edit it together into a cohesive music video!” 

Residence halls like Emerson collaborate and connect the community in an effort to be as creative as they would be on the stage. 

From the beginning, the intended purpose of Spring Sing has been to allow the student body a time to let their minds off schoolwork and harness the power of unity and inventiveness, outside of an academic context. 

Co-producer and third-year student Annie West comments, “The point of Spring Sing has always been to build community at Westmont. Our main goal when moving the show online was to be able to still build community through it.” 

It will be interesting to see the surprises that await the viewers of this unprecedented version of Spring Sing, but regardless of the platform, it will demonstrate the desire of the community to come together in tough circumstances. 

Third-year student and director of Clark Hall’s 2019 skit, Riley King, says, “I think viewers should expect the same creativity and fun that they always see at the regular Spring Sing performance, but just through a phone. The directors and side acts who are choosing to move along with the online format are hard at work to produce the same quality you would have received at our live performance.” 

Viewers, including members of the student body, families, professors, and pets alike will be patiently waiting and equally enthused to see all the hard work paid off for those involved in production!  

Involvement coordinator and third-year student Josie McLaughlin says, “I think that people are doing the best they can to still make something special happen for this community. I think the online Spring Sing this year will represent a lot for the Westmont community, such as resilience!”

The 2020 edition of Spring Sing holds more significance in this time than we may realize, as it is the only school-sponsored activity to exist the rest of this semester. Not only will the participating student body display resilience in light of tragedy, but for the first time in over a month, the Westmont community can look forward to something better than Zoom chats and Netflix binge-watching. It is time for the student body to show their wilder side and let their imaginations unfold!  



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