Underrated film and TV for quarantine

Luke Spicer, Staff Writer

With the onset of the majority of states declaring a mandatory time of shelter in place, this presents an ample time to consume a wide variety of media. Here are some recommendations in film and television. 


If you’ve got two hours to spare and wish to be engaged in some laughter, crying, and anything else on the emotional spectrum, here are some under-appreciated movies that are sure to enjoyably fill your time.

“Once” (2007): This is an excellent romantic musical, utilizing folk music to tell its own extremely unique tale about two mismatched lovers in Dublin, Ireland. 

“The Brothers Bloom” (2008): An under-appreciated gem from “The Last Jedi” and “Knives Out” director Rian Johnson, this film excellently carries the audience through the twists and turns of the narrative, with a humorous sense of wit and charm along the way. 

“Shrek 2” (2004): All memes aside, “Shrek 2” is an outstanding movie that understands perfectly what kind of movie it is, and executes its self-aware plot perfectly. Come on, it’s Shrek. 

Television Shows:

Like with the choices for the recommended films, these TV shows have been chosen specifically because they have been largely under-appreciated since their airing. With all the time now present for binge watching, hopefully some of these shows can make it into your queue. 

“Firefly” (2002-2003): Worth watching for Nathan Fillion’s charm alone, this sci-fi project of future “Avengers” director Joss Whedon only ran for one season, much to the dismay of many fans who would watch the show years after its initial airing. However, despite its limited episode count and budget, “Firefly” nailed its atmosphere, setting, and heartwarming story about smugglers with hearts of gold in a vast and hostile galaxy. 

“The Pacific” (2010): The sister show to the widely popular “Band of Brothers,” this show from the same producers and directors moves the stage from the European theater to the Pacific theater of World War II. With memorable characters and a gritty, non-glorifying take on war, “The Pacific” crafts an ocean-spanning real life tale about the triumphs and defeats of the human spirit in World War II. 

“Ash vs. Evil Dead” (2015-2018): Even if you have never done yourself the favor of watching Sam Raimi’s wonderfully campy “Evil Dead” trilogy, “Ash vs. Evil Dead” still stands on its own as being an incredibly written and paced horror comedy series that perfectly captures the charm and over-the-top action of the 1980s originals. 

Hopefully, these selections from film and television will fill your time with enjoyable watching experiences all around.  

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