How others are living in Quarantine

Jacob Francis, Influencer

We’ve all had some unexpected time on our hands recently, what with a deadly pathogen looming outside our doorsteps. So we took to interviewing everyday students about what they’re doing to stave off the greater threat: boredom. An inspiring example of creativity, one freshman told us, “I spend all my time nominating other people for Instagram story posts. I think it’s a public service to provide the opportunity for people to respond to my meaningless, page-long, copy-and-paste with one word. I also think that true change is effected in the lives of those struggling with depression by nominating only my best friends to spam selfies and brand it as positivity.” We here at the Capstone would personally like to thank this citizen for their courage.

The second student we interviewed told us about an aspect of life at home that continued to mystify them. “I don’t really understand it, and it’s not an ability I’ve ever possessed before. Since being home, I stay up till 4 a.m. every night. I’m not sure if it’s willpower or TikTok, but 4 a.m. is definitely the new midnight.” Surely this student’s experience reflects a struggle many of us can relate to. 


The third student we interviewed was a self-proclaimed Aries, ENFJ, and seven on the Enneagram. “I’ve been baking soooo much. I’ve gotten really good at it too, I always go for that crisp golden-black crust. I group FaceTime my friends everyday and make sure to post a screenshot on Insta just so people know I’m thriving. I meet up with a group of friends most days and we get a quick hug in, but then we’re very strict about the social distancing rules.” 

The final student we contacted was a widely unknown introvert who declined to interview, but sent us a short email, which we’ll close with. The note read: “I am very happy, have not left room, send food.”


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