A welcome musical respite on Thursday night

The Rising Culture of New Music Thursdays via Apple Music and Spotify

Katherine Smith, Staff Writer

Quarantine has had the effect of dragging one day into the next. The rigid boundaries that normally dictate days have vanished, leaving one long, monotonous period, loosely characterized by the presence or absence of the sun.

There is one day, however, that stands out among the rest. For the devoted Spotify and Apple Music users, anticipation fills the air each Thursday. It is on this day that young people rise from their quarantine slumbers, greeted with the friendly and welcome sight of new music releases.

Each Thursday night, artists around the world hold their breath as their new projects and work are hungrily devoured by the millions of expectant listeners. Fueling this excitement is the work of both Spotify and Apple Music, the music industry’s most popular platforms, which compile a sample of the week’s new music into a single playlist that is unique to each listener.

This uniqueness comes from the platforms’ committed desires to expand each person’s music repertoire — mixing both previously listened to artists and new recommendations. According to sophomore Ben Arenchild, these playlists are “a major hit or miss, sometimes the songs are really close to what I personally listen to and other times they have songs that are way off-base.” Either way, the anticipation of what artists will populate the playlist each week keeps listeners invested and engaged.

To some, these drops are a staple element of their weeks. Self-professed music lover Aleah Schepps comments how, “during quarantine, these music drops gave me some semblance [of] structure by providing me something to expect each week.” While non-music lovers may perceive Schepp’s statement as an over-dramatization, others recognize the comfort and delight that is associated with new tunes from old favorites.

Whether an Apple Music fiend or Spotify junkie, a proficient music appreciator or one entirely uninterested in this industry, it is indisputable the joy that these releases brought to quarantine for those who were tracking. If you are someone who has never experienced the thrill of New Release Thursdays, then hit up your preferred music platform and be prepared for a whole new world of music discovery.


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