The Fashion Fiasco Week Two


Welcome back, Westmont! 

It’s time to squeeze back into your favorite Levi’s and wear shoes that require socks. With school still on track to return in person, all those outfits you ordered online during quarantine just might get their first debut. I don’t only mean tie-dye sweatshirts and matching sets, I mean an outfit that can’t hide behind the Zoom veil. With all the nervousness and uncertainty that comes from the nature of this semester, expressing yourself through what you wear can bring a small but welcomed dose of comfort. Even if you are wearing a mask, at least you’ll feel better with a baguette bag in hand. 


This week, I want to give you three fall semester staples that will elevate your style and impress your Westmont Wow — from a safe distance, of course — as you get your COVID-19 test:

Sweater Vests

If you are a freshman from out of the state, you will quickly fall in love with Santa Barbara weather, but will soon learn that it does not give us the chill and crisp sweater weather that other locations encourage. However, the easiest and most stylish solution of the season is a sweater vest, which fashion designers love. Pairing an oversized sweater vest over a white button up is the perfect fall solution that is still conducive to Montecito weather.


Another upcoming seasonal trend is pleather (a plastic leather-based fabric); Aritzia has a pair of pleather pants that you absolutely must get your hands on before they sell out. An oversized olive-green pleather jacket is the perfect throw-on for taking a walk on State Street or grabbing a coffee before class.

Tennis Skirts

Last but certainly far from least, let’s talk about tennis skirts. This look was huge over quarantine and has sustained itself by pairing with chunky platform Dr. Martens and an oversized sweatshirt. You may not be able to show off this outfit in chapel, but you will get to wear it to all your outdoor classes.


Though it’ll have to be from six feet away, I can’t wait to see all the warm-colored accents and vintage accessories across campus. Even though this semester has us all scratching our heads, we can still embrace the nostalgic wave that comes with September air and Trader Joe’s pumpkin-flavored goods in what we wear.


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