Westmont athletes rejoice as professional sports return to the big screen

Alexis Mitchell, Staff Writer

It has been a rather upsetting year for sports fans as most professional leagues either temporarily suspended or postponed their seasons due to COVID-19. Even though this decision was necessary, some groups felt that void more than others. For the most committed sports fans, these past few months felt like a lifetime. With much anticipation for professional seasons to resume, a few of our own Westmont family spoke about what it was like to live without professional sports for a chunk of this past year and their excitement that sports have returned.

As a basketball player himself, he is especially grateful to witness some of the best plays of the game.”

Luke Tillitt, a sophomore baseball player and professional sports fan, was devastated to find out that sports were postponed six months ago. Besides just watching the games, Tillitt also avidly participates in Fantasy leagues, which were delayed like the rest of the sports world. 

However, with the return of televised games, Tillit stated that he was relieved and has returned to his happy place.

Although sports are airing on television, they have not gone quite back to normal. Fans are still disappointed that they cannot root for their favorite teams in person. There is not a single sport that allows in-person spectators at the moment and no one is quite sure of when that will change.

As sophomore NBA fan and basketball player, Noah Fernando commented that it has been interesting to see how athletes and leagues have innovatively kept the games going. Fernando agreed with Tillitt, saying it has been a tough few months without the entertainment of professional sports and that he is specifically happy that the NBA has returned. As a basketball player himself, he is especially grateful to witness some of the best plays of the game. 

With the return of professional sports, the next thing to look forward to is the return to stadiums and stands. Given that it costs, on average, over $300 million to build a stadium, professional teams want to return to in-person spectators. In the case of the Las Vegas Raiders, their two billion dollar stadium has yet to be occupied by fans. 

Even though sports are back, we still have the return of fans to their stadiums to look forward to. For now, sports fans are just happy to watch the games, even if that means watching from the confines of their own homes. 

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