The Boy Who Lived, Again

The “Harry Potter” franchise is experiencing renewed interest due to social media

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Gowri Sunitha, Staff Writer

“Harry Potter” has been a household name ever since the franchise was released in 1997 and is currently experiencing a sudden reemergence via social media. From TikTok fans reenacting famous scenes to Etsy replicas of Hermione’s iconic yule ball dress, the Wizarding World is back to the forefront of popular culture.

Where did this renewed interest come from? How did “the boy who lived” live again?

Tom Felton, who portrayed snobbish Slytherin Draco Malfoy in the movie adaptations, is one of the few original cast members still talking about his teenage years on the silver screen. For some Draco-diehards, Felton carried the entire movie franchise on his shoulders, and through his social media, is also carrying this revival. A video of Felton excitedly pointing his wand straight into the sky and yelling a spell at the top of his lungs has spread throughout social media.

However, this renewal of interest in the “Harry Potter” franchise has seen some setbacks, most notably because of the creator of the Wizarding World herself. Many have seen author J. K. Rowling’s recent tweets as xenophobic and transphobic, forcing many readers to question their loyalty to the series.

Despite Rowling’s controversial public comments, Potterheads have taken the franchise into their own hands, writing page after page of fanfiction, directing fan films, and creating countless creative tributes to the stories that filled their childhood imaginations.

Westmont is not immune to the recent Potter-fever that has swept through the world, as shown in a recent poll conducted via The Horizon’s Instagram account.

Let’s take a look at which house dominates our campus.

Westmont is filled with Hufflepuffs. Poll numbers from our Instagram story count 36% Hufflepuff, 25% Ravenclaw, 21% Gryffindor, and 18% Slytherin.

Do the Warriors think Malfoy deserved a redemption arc? 

Draco Malfoy, a devout Slytherin, is either a fan favorite or despised snot depending on the fan you meet.

With many passionate responses to this question, respondent Alyssa Tumlos said, “He had too many chances to choose better.” However, only 22% of Alyssa’s classmates shared her opinion as the remaining 78% of Warriors decided that Draco did deserve a redemption story.

Was Voldemort really the villain, or was it Dolores Umbridge?

Though the sinister Lord Voldemort is the primary antagonist of the series, many fans have proposed that Dolores Umbridge, the Ministry of Magic’s appointed overseer over Hogwarts in year five, was the true villain.

It appears that many Westmont Warriors believe a mass murderer is preferable to a nightmare teacher, as 72% of participants see Dolores Umbridge as the true villain.

The reemergence of “Harry Potter” has seen skits, movies, videos and new products from every corner of the internet, and rumors of a new movie have fans on the edge of their seats. Despite the fact that the franchise was released over two decades ago, it has never been a better time to join the Wizarding World.

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