(AC)/DC: The Comeback of the Year

Rachel Patz, Capstone Writer

An air of exhilaration hangs heavily over the crowd. The excitement is tangible. An electric thrill races through the long line that stretches all the way back across the GLC bridge to the Armington Grove. The experience of standing in line for the show of a lifetime is something to remember, as students impatiently wait for the chance to step through the double doors and into the intensely charged atmosphere of Westmont’s Dining Commons.

Westmont’s Dining Commons, affectionately known by students and faculty alike as the DC, debuted onto the Westmont music scene decades ago. While the DC has been rather understated for the last few years, its tame reputation is about to change. 

Due to a pandemic and all the accompanying social rules that come along with such a calamity, the DC has taken some time to itself, leading to a major image change that just might transform its future as a band forever. The DC’s servers, who prior to the pandemic were relative unknowns despite the DC’s long run as a band, have now taken a front row seat and become literal rockstars in the eyes of students. The competition to be at the head of the line has become fierce, as students all vie for a chance to be the first ones to see the servers wielding their instruments and shaking the takeout boxes.

Ella Jennings

Some students report that they have lined up overnight for the chance to be at the barrier for what The Capstone believes will be the comeback of the year. Fervid fans chant the lyrics to some of the DC’s top hits while waiting in line, including all-time favorites “Pascual’s Burritos” and “Teriyaki Chicken Thursdays.” One particularly hardcore fan set up a tent at the DC lawn and has been camping out since the day she returned to campus as not to lose her spot. When asked to comment on the appeal of DC concerts, she stated, “The mosh pit is unlike any I’ve ever been in. Moshing while six feet apart is unreal. You have to experience it for yourself.”

Throughout the DC’s career, many students have compared its performances with those of the infamous rock band AC/DC. Fans have pointed out the obvious comparisons between a DC performance and an AC/DC concert, and both groups possess a unique brand of intensity. However, Westmont’s DC is the only one of the two parties to achieve a successful comeback for a new audience in 2020.

With the addition of new gear, including daring face masks and sleek gloves, the DC’s servers have undergone a substantial fashion rebrand. The DC’s greeters have altered their physical appearance as well, adding plexiglass shields to their stations and successfully reintroducing hand sanitizer into the trend spotlight.

For those students returning to Westmont after an extended hiatus, it might be helpful to keep an open mind. The DC group may have the same faces, but their style has undergone a complete overhaul since most students last attended lunch hours at Westmont’s campus. If the long admission lines are anything to go by, this new energy has added an entirely new element to the DC experience and boosted attendance. 

It will undoubtedly still come as a bit of a shock to students to find their beloved band of workers so changed. Despite their surprise, however, the majority of students at Westmont appear to have a great enthusiasm regarding the DC’s performances. Many, if not all, students on campus have become hardcore DC fans, wearing face masks — the band’s signature comeback merch — and emulating the DC by using hand sanitizer on a daily basis.

Standing in line waiting to gain admission to a completely non-essential form of entertainment such as the DC during a pandemic is a sincere sign of human adaptability. What better way is there to sum up the Westmont experience, especially during this unparalleled semester, than sharing the intensity of the DC venue line together?

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