Day in the life of a Westmont athlete: Meet Holley Fellows

Phebe Chang, Staff Writer

The women’s swim team splashed onto Westmont’s campus last fall. Holley Fellows took this opportunity to walk onto the team and join the group of women making a name for Westmont College.

When she’s not diving into the pool, Fellows is a boba-loving, fourth-generation Colorado native and communications studies major. Fellows recently switched her major to communication studies after going on the Jerusalem to Belfast Mayterm  and studying conflict and reconciliation. 

“This semester I am only taking 13 units, but the workload has certainly been enough to keep me busy,” said Fellows. 

“I don’t really have downtime these days honestly. But theoretically when I do, I love being with friends and hiking or going to the beach.”

During the week, she focuses on her new classes but, despite her course load, she is able to keep her schedule flexible. 

“This flexibility in my schedule has been super helpful during this wacky time, especially as I had to adjust incorporating swimming back into my daily routine.”

I think we also have a special opportunity to rely on the Lord and our faith to persevere through these difficult times and still make the most of what we’re given.”


After a summer of closed pools and gyms, it’s been critical for the team to make the most of the open pool on campus. Though official practices haven’t started for the team just yet, Fellows has participated in social distanced lap swims with her team in preparation for their season. The team has been sectioned into three groups so they can practice.

“In a couple of weeks, we will get to begin practicing as a team, but, in the meantime, we are all committed to doing whatever we have to just to be in the pool.”

Fellows has already started to make the most of her time with the team and gone on socially distanced outings with her teammates. 

“We have had two main team outings so far, the first of which took place the first week we were back when we all gathered at East Beach for sunrise to do a team devotional. This was really special, as it was the first time we got to be together as a team with the incoming freshmen and our one transfer, and we were able to bond and create a vision for what we hope to get out of this season.”

The team has quickly become a big part of Fellows’s Westmont experience, as she devotes her time with her pod to practice and hang out on dry land. 

“It has been a challenge to spend time as a team given our social-distance protocols, so we have mostly spent time with our individual pods at practice, and then occasionally we have eaten dinner as a team outside, spaced apart.”

While balancing school, socials and swim, Fellows is also devoted to making the most of this semester. 

“When you think about the fact our nation is experiencing a collective awakening to the reality of systemic racism, in addition to navigating a global pandemic, it seems like there are more important matters to give our attention to than just school work. That being said, I think we also have a special opportunity to rely on the Lord and our faith to persevere through these difficult times and still make the most of what we’re given. I’m hopeful for our ability as a Westmont community to make the most out of this season and I hope our lives demonstrate what it means to follow Jesus by remaining steadfast and joyful no matter our circumstances.”

Fellows has been a great contribution to the women’s swim team and to the Westmont community.

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