Westmont Wilderness Retreats

Rachel Patz, Capstone Writer

Westmont College Wilderness Retreats strongly believes in the healing power of nature. For those searching for a refuge in their busy lives, we have something for everyone, no matter where they are on their inner journey. 

Opening metaphysical doors to all members of the Santa Barbara community, Westmont’s Wilderness Retreats present devoted followers with six different choices for their journey into the ethereal realm.

Page Hall 

Do you experience feelings of stress, anger and confusion at regularly scheduled intervals? Does it ever feel like your life is moving faster than the speed of light? The modern world is a busy place, constantly shifting, filled with accusations and uneasiness. In response to the widespread feeling of worry, Westmont offers a program designed to make the participant more confident and joyous as they move through life. 

Teaching the skills needed to wholeheartedly interact with contemporary society, Page offers a slightly more vigorous program filled with exercise and socialization. Seekers will experience a strong sense of shared community with spiritual dancing, meditative exercises and a powerful spirit of relaxation. During certain seasons, visitors can expect to enjoy the sight of large wildlife gatherings, as students from Page territory and the nearby Clark beach flock together for feral competitions. 

Clark Hall

Join us for a transformative adventure in the expansive domain of Clark Hall. The intermingling of members of the opposite sex is strongly encouraged as a way to break down barriers and become involved in transformative relationships that will last a lifetime. Surrounded by trees and other forms of greenery, Clark plays host to many outside events intended to make seekers fall in love with themselves all over again. 

Clark also enjoys the privilege of being the closest retreat to one of the biggest attractions for local wildlife, known as the Dining Commons or, as members of Westmont’s Wilderness Retreats call it, the DC. Witnessing a tranquil herd of tame students being fed and watered is one of the surest ways to take your mind off your everyday troubles and make you feel refreshed and focused.

Emerson Hall 

Imagine being surrounded by breathtaking panoramic views of forest, sea and sky, yet never desiring to leave your abode because of the irresistible allure of talking to one’s community leaders via Zoom. If this description sounds like it might be the perfect fit, we invite you to book a stay at Emerson and learn how to become comfortable living in a bubble. Picture being in a circle of total strangers, marinated in the ways of Christian living, with neither the want nor the will to venture back into the outside world. Welcome to Emerson, dear seeker!

Armington Hall

For any seeker longing to return to life as Mother Nature intended, Armington is undoubtedly the best choice. If you are feeling called to sever all ties from the technological world and feel one with the earth again, Armington will help you recharge. 

The first week will be spent becoming acquainted with other members of the quest and exploring your reasons for questing in the first place. Unbelievingly refreshing, it will feel as though there isn’t even a wall separating you from your neighbor, or from the natural world of loud semi-trucks directly outside your window. In an attempt to bring you closer to the world around you, no type of Internet access whatsoever is allowed on this quest.

Van Kampen Hall

Welcome to Van Kampen Hall! Home to a sunny courtyard where students, a local favorite amongst wildlife enthusiasts, can often be seen enjoying pecking at the homework their professors throw at them. Despite the peacefulness of this scene, staying at VK is reserved for those who have already fulfilled a year or two of quests, and are already experienced paupers. Seekers at VK will be required to regularly venture into the outside world on trials of adventure and conquest, as they seek to fulfill their inner circle of stress, panic and total exhaustion.

Global Leadership Center

The Global Leadership Center is, truthfully, the least popular choice at Westmont Retreats due to the extremely difficult nature of the quest. Air conditioning, nearby coffee shops, and unnerving amounts of personal space combine to make it one of the most challenging journeys a seeker can go on. However, the rich payoff comes in the form of liberating independence, when seekers fulfill the quest and depart Westmont’s Wildlife Retreats equipped with the euphoria that only nature brings.

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