Get your head (back) in the game

Phebe Chang, Staff Writer

Things have begun looking up for the Warriors as most sports have started their official practices. Despite strict COVID-19 regulations, the school has slowly opened up classrooms and the Murchison gym for our student-athletes, who’ve been eager to get back into their game.

Abram Carrasco, a senior on the basketball team, has been practicing with the majority of his team for three days. “At first it was a little difficult, but we had to adapt.”

The pod system seems to have been the harshest adjustment as men’s basketball, and many other sports, were unable to practice as a fully functioning team.”

For the first three official practices, the team in has practiced in the gymnasium without masks. The coaches keep their masks on while the players practice. 

Carrasco said that the team originally had “little groups, and had certain times when groups could practice.”

Despite these setbacks, Carrasco has his hopes up for the potential upcoming season.

“We really did not miss a beat and we got everyone back. We’re in a really good position and we really wanna play.”

Basketball isn’t the only sport that’s gotten back into their game. The fields have opened up for both soccer teams to practice as well. Karly Kingsley has been on the women’s soccer team since last spring and is excited to get back to playing with her teammates.

I mean all of the guys are hungry to come back, win a GSAC title in the spring and go get that natty this year.”


“Last week was our first official practice where we were allowed to use soccer balls! No more just running.”

The women’s soccer team has been split into two separate practice groups, but even within their groups, the players are always socially distanced and wear their masks the moment they stop a workout. Even with these new habits, the community of the team gets Kingsley through the bizarre circumstances.

“My group was talking about how we all count down the hours in excitement until we get to go to practice because it’s still really fun and engaging and competitive.”

Like the women’s soccer team, the men’s baseball team has started official practices as a team in two separate groups. The first group consists of the pitchers and catchers who practice before the second group, made up of the position players. The team consistently uses hand sanitizer and remains socially distant while wearing masks.

Paul Mezurashi, a junior on the baseball team, is excited to be back on the field without the frustrating pods.

“It was a little weird at first with the small amount of groups we were allowed to have and everything, but for the most part we are still working, and I mean all of the guys are hungry to come back, win a GSAC title in the spring and go get that natty this year.”

On top of creating lots of different, socially distanced drills, the coaches of the women’s volleyball team have also been making sure that every ball and all equipment used is cleaned after practices.

“Practices are split between half the team right now but we are still keeping everything fast-paced and focused. Our coach likes to pack a lot of different drills into practice but it works for keeping us all engaged.” said Kaylee Ivie. 

Despite the nitty-gritty of cleaning the equipment, Ivie said that “it’s worth it to stay in the gym.”

It’s an exciting time for the Warriors as they all jump back into the usual routine of practices. They’re all hopeful their seasons will continue smoothly and are grateful for the little reminders of the old normal. 

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