Completely COVID-free suggestions for celebrating Halloween

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Happy holidays, fellow Westmont students. Halloween is upon us! If you are anything like me, then you are incredibly disappointed by the devastation COVID-19 has wreaked on our holiday plans. Fear not — we, your trusty Capstone team, have taken it upon ourselves to suggest some alternative fun fall festivities.

First, due to COVID-19 shipping restrictions, plan your costume ahead of time. If you are unable to think of any ideas, there appears to be a universal theme for 2020 that will be easy to replicate. Taking inspiration from the historical group known as the Mafia, a DIY mask disguise is perfect for 2020.

In keeping with this concept, don’t hesitate to cover up from head to toe. Gloves, baggy sweatpants, and ginormous hoodies are all fair game, and, if none of these items are available to you, a plastic trash bag with eye holes will do just as well. Reflect the deadness you feel inside on the outside with a spooky ghost costume.

Second, be sure to keep in mind the enormous influence Westmont College has on the surrounding community and act accordingly. Once you have curated your perfect outfit, feel free to embark on a preparatory trick-or-treating adventure around the local area — at a safe distance, of course. Oprah may not be handing out iPhones any more, but that shouldn’t stop you from embodying the spooky spirit and playing a lighthearted prank on your neighbor — show kindness in this year of toilet paper shortages and TP their house. ‘Tis the season! 

Once Oct. 31 rolls around, don your finery and go enjoy yourself! Even if you choose to remain on campus for Halloween, there are plenty of ways to have fun. Once again, when assembling your costume, the single most important rule to keep in mind is making sure that as much of your body is covered as possible to keep your identity secret. A good rule of thumb is to imagine that you are trying to protect yourself against some sort of deadly zombie virus. Use your imagination! This precaution will ensure that you look in vogue for all those Halloween-themed section photos you’ll be sending in to The Citadel this year. 

Throw on your hoodie, pull up the head covering, and make sure not to forget your diabolical face mask. One of the trendiest picks this year are frightful-looking surgical masks, and Westmont itself has even been marketing some especially eerie-looking creations branded with the letter W. Who would have guessed the ‘Mont would ever be so generous around Halloween?

Finally, be sure to preserve an irritating air of mystery as you skulk around campus on Oct. 31. It might be hard, but the extra effort will undoubtedly pay off by making other people regard you with awkwardness and misgiving. One good way to do this is to maintain at least six feet of distance between you and your fellow students at all times.

The Capstone team hopes these tips will be helpful as you plan for and enjoy the fearsome holiday. Your favorite Horizon team joins together to wish you all a safe and scary time. Happy hauntings, everyone!

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