Six comfort-watches to stream now on Netflix

Eva Moschitto, Staff Writer

With an endless array of exams before you plus the stresses of a turbulent election week, you may find yourself in a simmering state of anxiety. Thankfully, Netflix has a variety of shows to help you unwind and relax, whether you need something to binge before bed or a few familiar episodes to distract you from obsessively checking The New York Times.

For when you need to be occupied by someone else’s drama for once:

‘Jane the Virgin’

Feeling like your life has taken unexpected turns? You’re not alone. This telenovela-inspired series invites you to follow the eager and charismatic Jane Villanueva after a surprise virgin-pregnancy leads to a slew of complications.

For when you’re thinking a monarchy might simplify things:

‘The Crown’

Replete with wit, drama and award-winning acting, “The Crown” is a visual delight and history lesson all in one! Don’t let its intellectual value deter you — the show is laced with romance, humor and moral dilemmas, making it captivating, stimulating and anything but dry.

For when being British is starting to sound appealing:

‘The Great British Bake-Off’

Cakes, puddings and pasties, oh my! Come for the contestants’ effervescent cheeriness, stay for the ridiculously ornate gingerbread houses. Whether you’re new to GBBO or a returning fan, this colorful competition is sure to spark joy.

For when you need a friend with problems pettier than yours:

‘Schitt’s Creek’

With its offbeat humor and perfectly dysfunctional family, it’s no wonder “Schitt’s Creek” swept the Emmys this year. One of Netflix’ buzziest shows, “Schitt’s Creek” is a reminder that there is laughter and good ol’ family bonding to be had even in less-than-ideal situations.

For when you’re missing Leslie Knope’s fearless optimism:

‘New Girl’

We know you might have felt fragile ever since “Parks and Rec” was removed from Netflix. We have, too. But never fear: Jessica Day is still here! While we love her Knope-ish faith in humanity, we can’t forget her endearingly quirky gang, who are sure to shower your life with much-appreciated humor.

For when you’re starting to think your life needs a makeover:

‘Queer Eye’

This fabulous fan-favorite gives viewers all the satisfaction of a wardrobe upgrade without the guilt of further depleting their rapidly dwindling savings. Call it a college miracle!


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