How to prepare your dorm room for winter break

Katie Sherwood, Capstone Writer

As the semester comes to a close, the Capstone is here to give you some advice regarding packing for Christmas break. 

#1 Make sure to pack pretty much everything — everything you might want or need for spring semester. We are definitely coming back, but just pack everything.

#2 As for the things you decide to leave behind, make sure to leave all the food in your fridge; don’t touch any of it so you have snacks ready for when we come back. 

#3 Don’t forget to make sure your mini-fridge is plugged in before you leave — you’ll want all your food to be fresh when you eventually come back!

#4 Leave your trash as it is; no one is going to be in your room anyway, so who cares if it smells?

#5 It is a good idea to leave your key in your room. Then both your room and your key are secure. No one can steal your key to break into your room.

#6 Your mail will be there when you get back, so don’t bother emptying your mailbox.

#7 If you start a load of laundry right before you leave, then you can have nice, fresh, clean clothes when you get back! There should be enough time for the clothes to air dry in the washing machine as well, so you will save some money!

#8 If you are one of those people who string up fairy lights or Christmas lights in your dorm room, we recommend you keep them plugged in and turned on to create a welcoming atmosphere for when you get back on campus.

#9 We all love some fresh DC coffee. Pour yourself a mug and leave it on your desk for when you get back.

#10 For you GLC folks: if you start running the shower water now, it will be warm by the time you get back from break! Treat yourself.

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