Enjoy an acapella Christmas with Pentatonix

Gowri Sunitha, Staff Writer

In case you have forgotten the vocal powerhouse that is acapella group Pentatonix, a lot has changed since they were at the height of their fame. Since the well-known releases of their several beautiful Christmas albums, all of which contain covers of a number of traditional Christmas songs, the group of singers has seen the departure of Avi Kaplan, a deep bass vocalist. He decided to pursue his own career in music, taking a very different path from the group with his release of “Change on the Rise,” an alternative/indie song that will give anyone goosebumps. The bass vocals in Pentatonix were given to Matt Sallee, who joined the group a month after Avi left the group.


(RCA Records)


After Avi’s departure, Pentatonix covered songs like Lady Gaga’s “Shallow,” The Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows,” The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights,” and many others. Pentatonix also went on a world tour and has recently covered more Christmas songs on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. All of the songs have their own twist, true to Pentatonix’s cover style, which primarily involves transforming the traditional song into a pop song.

Carys Morgan, a first year on campus, says, “They’re incredible. They have an amazing vocal range that is genuinely impressive. You can’t find talent like that anywhere else.”

Recently, the group re-released their Twelve Nights of Christmas cover, which went viral on Twitter:

Pentatonix’s Christmas albums are available on all streaming platforms or any online retailer if you need a last-minute present for your music-loving family members. This would be a great addition to any Westmont student’s Christmas playlist if they are starting to get a little tired of the repetitive nature of a lot of Christmas songs that are being played everywhere. There are a total five Pentatonix Christmas albums, so any of your favorite Christmas songs are sure to be in one of them.


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