Kicking off the men’s soccer season

Eva Marta, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Jan. 26, Westmont College’s men’s soccer team played a scrimmage against Biola University. On the Al Barbour Field located on Biola’s campus, the match ended in a 0-0 tie, leaving some wanting more than just 90 minutes. Out of the 72 times they have competed against one another, this end result has only happened six times, and is the first time in 17 years that since these two programs have ended with this score. Both sides agreed not to settle the score in overtime as it would not have been officially counted. This game has been just a taste of what is yet to come for our Warriors this season. 

Coach Dave Wolf had much to say about the game: “We played under much more pressure than we have in a long time, and the precision required to deal with that was only evident on occasion, but the spirit to try was evident all night long.” 

Coach Wolf noted that the team competed very well and recognized that “the attacking piece is hard to fine tune,” especially with the amount of playtime and training that is currently allowed.

 It was not pretty at times; with nine fouls total, and six of them in the first 25 minutes, the number of fouls proved the competitive nature of the sport and the eagerness of the players to be finally back on the field.

 The Warriors played well both offensively and defensively for their first game back. In the first few minutes of the second half, the team had a few shots on the goal, one by junior Samuel Tuscano and another by sophomore Michael Palmer. Neither shot resulted in a goal, but each proved a strong offensive progression for our players, especially as shots were difficult to come by for both teams. The defense also managed to block two shots on the goal, once in the first half and again in the second. 

Overall, the team “really persevered in [their] desire to pass the ball and play proper football,” said Wolf. “In order to gather ‘real’ data and begin the refining process,” the team will continue to work towards improving on both offensive and defensive aspects of the game.

Despite the undesirable temperature, only reaching about 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the two teams put up a solid fight. Our players had plenty of time to warm up and reflect on the match on their two-hour-long bus ride back to campus from La Mirada. The team will begin preparing for their next scrimmage against Loyola Marymount University taking place this Saturday, Jan. 30, at 6:00 p.m. — another away game for our Warriors. We look forward to what this match holds for the team and the rest of their season.

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