Students reflect on experiences working at the DC


Caleb Crother

DC front desk

Sydney Abraham, Staff Writer

The front desk of the DC is a place familiar to all Westmont students. The people who work behind the desk are a welcoming sight and a familiar face.

When asked to fill out an anonymous survey, students who work or previously worked the front kiosk shared their thoughts on their experience. One student regarded the job as a “good opportunity … to get to know a lot more students at Westmont better, as well as the Sodexo employees! I have worked for Sodexo for three years in different positions, but as a cashier I have been able to connect with the students more.”  Another student simply felt that “the job was easy and got me more money.” Another student valued being “a welcoming face when students and staff members scan into the DC.”

When student employees were asked if they felt appreciated by other students, one reply was “not much.” Another employee stated, “The students appreciate seeing a friendly face as they walk into the DC and it keeps them accountable for swiping their cards.

Another student also felt “appreciated when I come in to work, probably more than in the past years … that might be because of COVID-19, but I’m not sure. I can tell that the students appreciate all the cashiers; behind the desk there are some really nice notes from students so their appreciation doesn’t go unnoticed. I also notice when students tell me to have a good day or ask how I’m doing and I really appreciate it.”

When asked about their favorite part of the job, one student noted how he enjoyed the longer hours that provided him more money. Another student replied, “I enjoy getting to know different students that I usually wouldn’t interact with. I also enjoy getting some time to do homework and listen to podcasts when it isn’t too busy. It is also nice to catch up with some of the Sodexo employees and get to know them better!”

When asked about their least favorite part of the job, one student responded, “Because I’m … a student, I do use my time as a cashier to do some homework and sometimes I have a lot to do and I get interrupted a lot, but I also understand I am there for work primarily. The student IDs also do not go through a lot, so it can be frustrating to have to ask everyone to rescan their ID all the time.”

For another student, “my least favorite part of working at the front desk is the long periods of time later at night, closer to 8:00 when barely anyone comes in to get food.” Another student also felt that this job was “unfulfilling work.” One employee expressed annoyance for “when students don’t follow the rules, especially during COVID-19. There are doors for exit only and entrance only. However, sometimes people do the opposite and I suppose knowingly, so telling them what they already know they shouldn’t have done is my least favorite.”

When asked how the pandemic has affected this job position, one student who worked with Sodexo before the pandemic noted how “we don’t have to clean all the tables after [the DC] closes anymore … and I also have a plexiglass cave to protect me, but it also makes it a little awkward interacting with people.”

One student shared how they felt this job was “an important position to give to students, especially, because it is nice to walk into the DC and see a fellow student worker. [Although] this does not take away from the wonderful job that the non-student workers do.”Another student wanted to give this advice: “Please wear your mask, and if I don’t answer you sometimes, it is because I am hard of hearing, especially with masks and my plexiglass cave so please forgive me! I am not ignoring you!” 

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