The “Driver’s License” Saga

Katherine Smith, Staff Writer

Unless you lived under a rock this past month, you probably asked yourself this question: who is Olivia Rodrigo and why has she taken the internet by storm?

If you, like me, find yourself peppered with alerts and updates about her seemingly immediate stardom as well as the complex love triangle surrounding her new hit single, “Drivers License,” allow me to clarify some of the missing plot points for you.

Rodrigo is no stranger to the limelight, starring in the Disney+ original show “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” as Nini Salazar-Roberts after being previously cast in smaller roles in other Disney series.

However, the early January release of single “Drivers License” brought massive attention toward Rodrigo. In the week following the song’s release, she hit Spotify’s record for a non-holiday song with the most streams at 76.1 million streams. With its melodic sound, heartthrob lyrics about a broken heart, and coming-of-age teenage angst, this single is sparking a huge trend of parodies and reenactments of her music video on TikTok.

That’s not all, though. Rodrigo’s co-star on “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,” Joshua Bassett, is speculated to be the man behind this heartbreak. Bassett followed quickly with his own single, “Lie, Lie, Lie.” Thickening the plot ever further, the “blonde girl who always made me doubt” mentioned in the lyrics of Rodrigo’s single is speculated to be Rodrigo’s 21-year-old fellow Disney actress Sabrina Carpenter, who began dating Bassett last year.

Of course, none of these speculations have been confirmed or denied by any of the stars, which furthers the relentless theorizing of their loyal fanbases about the love triangle and what it means for the next season of the Disney+ show.

The “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” fanbase is filled with a variety of people, ranging from other superstars like Taylor Swift to original High School Musical fans to even some of our own Warriors here at Westmont. Sophomore Cormac Warner is a huge supporter of the young artist and predicts that “Olivia Rodrigo will be to the 20s what Britney Spears was to the 90s.”

Will Rodrigo be the next Spears, as Warner suggests? Or will “Drivers License” prove to be just a dash of time spent in the limelight for Rodrigo?

Only time will tell.


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