Westmont Activities Council adapts to unique COVID-19 circumstances

Dylan Ferguson, Staff Writer

If the seemingly-random Tuesday’s off and unusual campus events of this spring seemed strange to you, you’re not alone. The continual state of the pandemic has forced many campus organizations to reimagine their usual programming, including the Westmont Activities Council (WAC). WAC publicity coordinator Hannah Landrigan offered insight into WAC’s upcoming plans for the semester.

Landrigan  addressed the widespread frustration about the cancellations and changes to WAC’s traditional events. “We’re right there with students who are disappointed and [we] are working hard to create memorable and exciting events to fill that void!”

Big events, such as the president’s ball and spring formal, are unlikely to happen this semester due to Santa Barbara County remaining in the state’s purple tier in the state’s reopening plan. Landrigan stated, “This is a challenge WAC has never had to face and I feel like the team has really pulled together, and [we] have been creative in putting on events that students will still love despite the new COVID protocols.” 

Tomorrow, Westmont students and faculty will enjoy the second of two special Tuesdays off, which have replaced the traditional spring semester four-day weekend. While the administration has not clarified their specific reasoning, these days off were likely put in place to prevent students from leaving campus over long weekends, as increased traveling is likely to cause COVID-19 case numbers to spike. 

With the state of the pandemic an ever-changing factor, a balance must exist between exciting events and diligence. Landrigan commented, “As a student leadership committee, we wanted to encourage students to stay safe and on campus by hopefully providing fun ways to spend the day!”

Although these days are a safer option and in the best interest of our community, many students are still reluctant to stay on campus during the time off. Westmont Activities Council (WAC) has sought to provide fun options for students in order to make the days off worthwhile. So far, they have hosted Snacks with WAC, Cupcakes and Clubs, and, tomorrow, they will host an on-campus frisbee golf tournament. 

Moving forward, students should look to more events, including a sponsored movie night where they and their roommate can sign up for movie boxes containing an Amazon gift card to purchase a movie, a virtual painting night where guided art kits will be provided, and many more COVID-19-friendly events. 

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