Quarantine study skills

Katie Sherwood, Staff Writer

With the recent rise in COVID-19 cases on Westmont’s campus on top of fast-approaching midterms, the Capstone has been tasked with advising those in quarantine on how to effectively study in isolation. To do this, we will adapt normal study advice for those who can’t leave their rooms.

First and foremost, try “studying in a new location.” This tactic may not seem very difficult at first, but for those in isolation, moving across the room or from your bed to the floor is often not enough of a movement to make a difference. Instead, those locked in their rooms or in the GLC should simply turn themselves and their desks and any other furniture in their rooms at a 90 degree angle. This change will completely reorient your room, and it’ll be as if you are in a completely different location. If you do this movement at least once every hour or so, your study time might even be more effective than if you were in the library!

The other option for changing your scenery is to channel your inner Rapunzel and sit on your windowsill to study. Singing beautifully to yourself may or may not summon a COVID-19 vaccine-giving prince to save you. Simply pop out your window screen and it will feel as if you have been transported to the amazing world of outside. Depending on how long you have been in quarantine, this view might be a disturbing sight, so do take caution with this approach. If you find you cannot pop the window screen out, it is weak enough that it can be easily cut with your everyday scissors. If everything else fails, simply break a hole in your wall.

Our next modified advice: study with friends! Unfortunately, as per the definition of “isolation,” those of you suffering this condition will not be able to interact with any humans other than your roommate, if you have one. No one knows if this virus can transmit across electronic forms of communication, but seeing as computers can get viruses too, it is safe to say it can. As such, quarantined students aren’t even allowed to use any form of social video-streaming devices for fear of transmitting COVID-19. Your only means of studying with friends, then, is to glue googly eyes to all of your possessions. Your pile of dirty laundry is probably half-sentient at this point, anyway. If this technique doesn’t work, ask the name of the spider who’s taken up residence by your seldom-used textbooks. You’ll finally have one friend.

The final bit of advice for those in quarantine is to practice the reward system. While people often use snacks or other treats for this purpose, in quarantine, your stash of snacks might run dangerously low if you study for too long. So, instead of rewarding yourself with food, re-watch another episode of WandaVision. Even if you are on your fifth binge-watch since quarantine started, this method has been scientifically proven to be greatly motivating. Some researchers believe it might be even more tempting than food, but others claim that is mere hearsay.

No matter the case, these tricks will ensure you ace all of your upcoming midterm exams! If you follow all of our advice, be sure to thank your guardian angels at the Capstone for your straight A’s on your report card at the end of this school year!


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