The DC food pyramid

Katie Sherwood, Capstone Writer

In order to encourage students to prioritize their health, the Westmont Dining Commons has released a specialized food pyramid for students to use. The Dining Commons strongly encourages students to get a balanced diet with each of the five categories in order to stay healthy and #protectthemont. Students who do not follow these guidelines are at greater risk of getting eaten by the campus coyotes, who prey on the weak.

1: Mixed Veggies

This classic dish ensures each student gets the nutrients and vitamins they need to stay healthy!

2: Meatloaf

This category is vital. The blended mixture of mystery meats brings valuable protein to your plate, which helps build your muscles to fight off all illnesses — and wily coyotes. Tofu is a viable substitute for our vegan and vegetarian friends, though you will need to eat at least three different kinds of tofu dishes to replicate the variety that comes with meatloaf.

3: Soup

This dish is here everyday. Please get the soup. Please. We swear it isn’t the exact same pot of soup from two weeks ago. We are begging you.

4: Potato

The DC specializes in all the ways a potato can be prepared. Mashed, roasted, Tater Tots. The only kind of potato the DC does not make is couch potato, though rumor has it that next year the DC will begin hunting those who sit on the Winter Hall basement couch too long. 

5: Recycled

Being environmentally conscious is extremely important in this day and age, so the Dining Commons is making an effort to reduce, reuse and recycle their food. These recycled treats come in all shapes and sizes: mac and cheese pizza, vegetables, hamburger pizza and more! 

Make sure to stay happy and healthy as we reach the semester halfway point! And remember, eat a well-balanced diet so you can avoid those coyotes.

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