Westmont Parking Bingo


Selah Tennberg

I saw a parking ticket on top of a HE>i sticker — can I have two points?

Emma Hoerauf, Guest Writer

Have you driven around lower campus, aimlessly trying to find a parking spot at the end of the night? Or almost gotten hit by the shuttle, like, at least five times? Or maybe wondered how some students have all this free time to go surfing every day to the point that they keep their boards in their cars? Me too. Driving culture at Westmont is so unique, considering how it’s an extremely pedestrian-friendly campus, minus that huge hill by Page. I definitely will miss the quirky things I notice in Westmont parking lots when I graduate in a couple months, but I’m looking forward to never getting a Westmont parking ticket again.

P.S. My Westmont conspiracy theory that I swear by: parking enforcement watches cars on the security cameras and tickets you as soon as you go into a building!






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