Coming soon: Westmont Fringe Festival

Rachel Patz, Staff Writer

As the Westmont community gears up for the second half of the spring semester, students can see a promise of personal freedom on the horizon. Before a glorious summer void of pedagogy and deadlines, there are several end-of-the-semester artistic productions to look forward to. Perhaps one of the most exciting events is the Fringe Festival, Westmont’s annual arts festival, which will be held April 22 through 25.

Hosted by Westmont’s Theatre Arts Department, the Fringe Festival will feature creations from every genre of the artistic world. Showcasing work created entirely by students, the presentations will include works of theatre, music and the fine arts, among others.

The unique format gives students the opportunity to perform pieces that are more experimental than many of Westmont’s mainstream productions, resulting in a smorgasbord of different opinions, dreams and desires expressed through highly individual art.

Given the tumultuous events of the past year  — wherein a large number of worldwide and national calamities have been transformed into personal tragedies — an arts festival with such a distinctive style is well worth looking forward to. With their independent license, artists at Westmont have an opportunity to give a voice to the community.

Student director Landon Moir remarks that “everyone has really unique pieces this year,” adding that “it’s great to see the breadth of creativity from all the collaborators.”

As COVID-19 continues to impose limits on live entertainment, it is worth noting that the festival will be held in person, albeit with the usual COVID-19 safety guidelines of mask-wearing and social distancing. The entirety of Westmont’s campus will be utilized for the festival as well as the CAW downtown location. Daily and all-festival tickets will be available for purchase.

Westmont’s Theatre Arts homepage describes the Fringe Festival as a celebratory weekend that “encompasses the artistic zest rooted in the Westmont community,” and there is no doubt the artistic voices will be worth hearing.

Stay tuned for more information on the festival as it approaches.


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