Midnight Madness takes Westmont by storm


Jenn Ikeda

Kiani Hildebrandt and Tim Heiduk host Midnight Madness in inflatable sumo wrestler suits.

Neily Green, Staff Writer

On Thursday night, Westmont Activities Council hosted Westmont’s beloved Midnight Madness, an event celebrating the men’s and women’s basketball teams. Shortly after beginning, fourth-year Kiani Hildebrant and fifth-year Tim Heiduk walked onto the middle of the basketball court in inflatable sumo wrestler suits, eliciting a chorus of laughter from the audience.

Ah-Men brought the crowd back to their childhoods with an acapella VeggieTales medley, beginning with the iconic “VeggieTales Theme Song” and interspersing other classic VeggieTales songs, such as “The Hairbrush Song” and “Oh No! What We Gonna Do?”

Following this number, the women’s basketball team was introduced. On Jan. 18, the women’s basketball team is having a match against Master’s University, and team captain Lauren Tsuneishi encouraged Westmont students to come show their support. She also requested prayers for the team’s upcoming trip to Uganda, as well as prayers for those team members that are injured.

The men’s basketball team followed suit, announcing that their first home game, which is against Corban University Oregon, is on Oct. 21. The team encouraged all students to come and support their first game of the season.

Men’s basketball then faced women’s basketball in a dribbling drill. After three rounds, the women’s team reigned victorious. They then came head to head again in a shooting relay race, where the women once again triumphed 2-1. For such a small team, this was a big victory.

Next, with roaring applause from the crowd, NSTEP walked onto the stage. They began their performance with vigor, the attention of the students and faculty locked on them with intensity, until their music stopped unexpectedly. However, with encouragement from the crowd, they made a strong recovery, leaving onlookers cheering twice as loud as when they began.

From start to finish, Midnight Madness 2019 captivated VeggieTales and sports fans alike, with silly performances, intense competition, and loving support from fans.

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