How Black Americans can stand in solidarity with the Asian Community

Let every community band in solidarity.


Jordan Lewicki

We stand together.

Morgan Clarke, Staff Writer

As a Black American, I have been exhausted time and time again by the endless cycle of racism that my people and other
minorities face every day. I’m tired of having to explain why the lives of minorities matter. Every individual’s intrinsic value seems like a no-brainer to me; however, the traumatic events people of color (POC) have faced in this land for the past 500 years suggest that essential human equality is not apparent to everyone. It is difficult to grasp that this country has progressed so much, yet so little when it comes to racial equality. While we have come a long way from where we were a few decades ago, we still have so much work to do as a society. I have not lost hope, however. I have faith that when minorities come together as a united entity, we can put a stop to systemic racism. I truly believe that the key to ending this virus of racism is remedying the division.

The first step towards a better tomorrow consists of POC standing together. I see the Asian community hurting right now and it breaks my heart because I know how it feels. I understand what it feels like to be marginalized, to be afraid for your life because your skin color has become a target for senseless hate and aggression. The feeling of hopelessness, confusion and sadness for the people in your community haunt you forever. My soul cries out for the lives lost in the Atlanta spa shootings as the memories of my hopelessness haunt me. This deep understanding of what Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) are going through makes it immensely important for me to raise my voice with them. I feel a sense of duty as a person of color — whose community has suffered in the same ways — to stand in solidarity with the Asian community.

I will not lie, it is not easy to stand with another marginalized community while my own community is suffering. Black people around this country are still losing their lives weekly from hate. I am exhausted. Truthfully, it would be easier to worry only about the Black struggle, but I recognize that this would be unjust, not just counterproductive. The fight for racial equality does not end and begin with Black people. My fight is for the equity of all races because I believe that every human being deserves equality and respect. Systemic racism will not come to a stop until every race is treated equally in this country. Therefore, I will stand with all POC to accomplish this goal. I will stand in solidarity with AAPI honoring the lives that were lost.

With a burning love, we can set hatred ablaze, so long as we do it together. ”

To my fellow Black people, I know you are tired, but please recognize that this fight will not end without uniting with all POC to heal America’s deep wound of racism. For too long, this country has put a bandaid over racism and has never put in the work to heal it completely. The wound will not close until we have stopped living in estrangement and division. We must come together, standing side-by-side with our Asian brothers and sisters, ready to close this wound once and for all. When we cannot march with them, we can stand with them. When we cannot stand with them, we can shout with them. When we cannot shout, we can sing, write, dance. We can do anything to express our love and compassion for their community. We must assert our passion for destroying hate with love. With a burning love, we can set hatred ablaze, so long as we do it together.

To the Asian community, today I have chosen love. I have chosen unity. I have chosen to do whatever it takes to end racism. I have chosen to stand with you and fight with you. I am just one young woman, but I am dedicated to ending the hate that has infected this country. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “One day this nation will rise up, live out the true meaning of its creed … that all men are created equal.” When I read this quote, a spark of passion is lit inside of me. I hope this passion is ignited in all POC so we can unite to end this suffering. I encourage all POC to take the time to honor the victims of the Atlanta spa shootings. Hyun Jung Grant, Xiaojie Tan, Delaina Ashley Yaun, Paul Michels, Yong Ae Yue, Suncha Kim, Soon Chung Park, Daoyou Feng and Elcias Hernandez-Ortiz: my heart cries out for you, your families and your communities.


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