Aleah Schepp’s Milk&Honey is a haven for creativity


Aleah Schepps

The front page of Aleah Schepp’s website.

Katherine Smith, Staff Writer

“Not to be confused with a mediocre poetry book, the concept for milk&honey is inspired by the biblical definition of Jerusalem: a land flowing with milk and honey,” says the “Concept” tab. This description explains the concept for sophomore Aleah Schepps’ curated creative hub website, milk&honey.

The phrase “milk and honey” has been a prevalent theme in Schepps’ life. Having first heard it while going through the Old Testament in church, the “land flowing with milk and honey” struck her. A land “imparted with good things that are meant to incite joy coming directly from God” is how she described it. This idea is transferable to her website, which curates art in various forms simply for the pleasure of enjoying the talent that comes directly from God.

This idea was “birthed out of the hellish summer of 2020” in which the global lockdown, coupled with four broken bones in her foot, left Schepps almost entirely immobile and desperate for a creative outlet. Propelled by a deep love to shoot film and write poetry, she explained how she is “surrounded by a lot of artistic friends, so [she]wanted to create a space for others to express themselves and share their work for others’ enjoyment!”

Schepps stated, “There are so many people who are contributing artistically in my life through their talented work. Though I, too, am an artist and creator, I attribute much of the content to the contributors. The M&H theme has become ‘from creatives and for creatives,’ and I feel like that gets to the heart of M&H. It is from a diverse collection of creatives with open submissions.”

This concept started as an online magazine format, where different editions — now three, with a fourth on the way — are released with multiple collections that each embody a distinct theme or art form. Past collections have included “film with friends,” “poetry week,” “brand catalogues,” “mh mixtape” and more.

Schepps shared that “as I released the editions, I realized my desire to expand from an online tabloid-of-sorts to a printed journal, so my next goal is to have a printed edition that features both new material and features of the best of already released material.”

Schepps has created this space with the intent that “every time viewers come back, they see or experience something new. Whether it be new music, joyful poetry, or creative photography, I hope it excites the viewer and inspires them to create art of their own.”

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