Ghost writer

Katie Sherwood, Capstone Writer

Greetings, Westmont! Your very talented fellow theatre arts students are participating in this year’s Fringe Festival. Come see the digital event on April 19 through April 22 to support your peers. It may come as a surprise, but many of your very own, dedicated and multi-skilled Capstone writers will also participate this year! As a treat to our faithful readers, here is a snippet of our award-winning short play: “Ghost Writer.”


DETECTIVE SMARTMAN: Alright, ma’am, so, tell me what the problem was again?

(MRS. DAMSEL fumbles with her cardigan, which is falling off of her shoulder; the rest of her outfit is fashionably messy.)

MRS. DAMSEL: Well, Detective Smartman, I-I was coming into work today for the most important section of the Horizon, the Capstone, when I noticed something strange about my typewriter!

(MRS. DAMSEL gestures to her ancient-looking typewriter, then pulls out her iPhone 12, and shows it to DETECTIVE SMARTMAN.)

Detective Smartman’s going to solve the Ghost Writer case — or else. (Moriah Chiang)

MRS. DAMSEL: See? There was a strange noise, and when I got closer, I snapped this photo of a strange mist hanging over the keys!

DETECTIVE SMARTMAN: It must have been the glare — these new lightbulbs are a nightmare!

MRS. DAMSEL: But, there’s more! On the typewriter, half of next week’s article is already written! 

DETECTIVE SMARTMAN: Are you sure you didn’t forget that you already started it?

MRS. DAMSEL: I’m sure of it! I was too busy stuck in quarantine. I just got out this morning.

DETECTIVE SMARTMAN: But doesn’t being in quarantine mean you have extra time?

MRS DAMSEL: Oh no! Quarantine means being stuck in a time-sucking vortex for two weeks! 

DETECTIVE SMARTMAN: Oh, well, I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for what happened here, and I will solve this mystery!

MRS. DAMSEL: Hey, look over here! This pen isn’t mine and, look, there’s some crumpled up papers in the trash! These must be notes from whoever this ghost writer is! Since I made them leave in such a hurry, they didn’t have time to clean up!

DETECTIVE SMARTMAN: Of course! I’ve solved it! The owner of this pen must be the ghost writer! (He takes the pen.) Hmm, it looks like the culprit is … Sha … Shar … Sharpey? Shapie? Hmm, I can’t read cursive.

MRS. DAMSEL: That’s a Sharpie pen, silly! Not the name of the ghost writer!

DETECTIVE SMARTMAN: Of course! The ghost writer has concealed their identity! We must solve this riddle!

MRS. DAMSEL: Are you sure it’s a riddle? Shouldn’t we look at the notes first? Maybe there are some clues here? (MRS. DAMSEL begins rifling through the trash bin.)

DETECTIVE SMARTMAN: We have to solve things one at a time, Mrs. Damsel, you just sit tight while I figure this out!

MRS. DAMSEL: Aha! Look, this is specific stationary that could only have come from the office of our CEO, Bayle Geebe! We should head there next!

DETECTIVE SMARTMAN: I’ll solve the pen riddle later — I think Bayle Geebe might have some answers! Let’s go, Mrs. Damsel!


Is Bayle Geebe the secret Capstone ghost writer? Watch Fringe to find out! We sincerely hope you will join your fellow Westmont students in watching the various theater productions in this year’s Fringe Festival. See you there!

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