A look back on this year

Emily Peterson, Capstone Editor

The 2020-2021 academic year has been a wild ride. As the Capstone team reflects on our experiences at Westmont this year, we have compiled our favorite memories from the last two semesters. We’re sure you remember all of these moments just as well as we do!

1. When it hailed and Westmont administration announced they were recruiting for Santa Barbara’s first college ski team. Unfortunately, the hail on Kerrwood Lawn melted before tryouts could happen.

2. When environmentally conscious VK residents started a pumpkin patch in the middle of the VK courtyard just in time for Halloween. Less environmentally friendly, however, were the illegal candles used to light all the jack-o’-lanterns, almost causing another devastating fire.

3. When the Page Hall men broke into the Westmont pool during heavy rain and reenacted Matthew 8:23–27. Needless to say, the lifeguards were not very happy when they found half of the pool water on the deck from the men’s fruitless attempts to calm the storm.

4. When an unnamed student took the Westmont shuttle for a joyride around the Thorrington Field track, nearly setting a world record for most people hit by a campus shuttle within twenty four hours. Remember when it was later revealed as a collective plot to get free tuition for all of Armington C?

5. When the entirety of the Emerson Hall building mysteriously disappeared on April 1. I remember trying to walk from the Clark ‘burbs to Magnolia Lawn through where Emerson used to be and waking up confused in the middle of the library basement. I guess it was faster than walking myself!

6. When Sodexo announced they were implementing a new “Surprise Bag” program. Inside some meal bags brought to quarantined students was not delicious food, but surprise items: I know someone who got a dozen dry whiteboard markers from Winter Hall, and I, myself, opened one bag only to find a mixed collection of various student IDs and laundry cards. Did you get any fun surprises while quarantined?

7. Last, but not least: when the Capstone was nominated for the David K. Winter Servant Leadership Award by over 95% of Westmont students. While the Capstone was regretfully unable to accept the award due to being a newspaper section and not a human being, the section appreciates the sentiment. We recognize that the most important quality in a servant leader is integrity — of which the Capstone is a true paragon.

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