Making dorm rooms home


Ethan Vaughan

Alvarado and Huff’s dorm room in Clark

Melody Rosales, Staff Writer

Every Westmont room comes with the bare minimum in regards to furniture: a bed, a desk and drawers for each student. Living within these blank walls can be a challenge at times. It’s hard to think of an empty room like this as “home.” This week, Westmont students shared their insight on how they’ve made their rooms feel like home. 

Decorations dramatically change the appearance and experience of a dorm room. Roommates Isabella Tejeda and Jenna Wheeler, residents of Emerson Hall, shared some of their favorite decorations and recommendations on how to improve a dorm room. Tejeda stated, “Lots of plants make a healthy and good environment.” Wheeler added that plants also allow for fresh air. The pair recommend getting a pineapple plant.

Wheeler introduced their third roommate: Wilbur, her fish. She also shared a quote from her mother, which explains, “If you can take care of something else, you can take care of yourself.” A fish is a great accessory for a dorm room as it adds color and its tank can be decorated in many ways. However, if taking care of a fish proves a struggle, a plant may be a better fit.

Sofia Alvarado also shared how she and roommate Becky Huff make their Clark room into a home. Alvarado explained how they “integrated our aesthetics into one.” Some dorm rooms have different themes split down the middle based on each roommate’s personality. However, by combining them, the room’s look becomes unified.

Both pairs agreed that every room needs color. Tejeda emphasized, “Bring color in. Be vibrant.” Different colors create different tones in a room. Alvarado shared how she decorated her white walls: “Paintings that we each drew, stickers, posters and a heart on the wall made of pictures.” Handmade paintings are a great way to showcase each roommate’s talent while simultaneously covering up the blank walls. Pictures on the wall are also quite common; however, arranging images into a fun shape can make the room seem even more exciting. Wheeler also had pictures on her walls, specifically family pictures, which add their own taste of home.  

There are other ways to transform dorm rooms without decorations. Alvarado recommended, “Make your bed, always.” Organization and tidiness allow for a more peaceful atmosphere. Tejeda explained she and Wheeler “share responsibilities and take out trash together and wash dishes.” 

A bond between roommates can further make a dorm room feel like a home. Alvarado explained how she and Huff “watch shows together” on a TV in their room. According to Tejeda, she and Wheeler cite each other as a big part of what “makes this place home.”

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