Tame Impala releases single and announces album

Luke Spicer, Staff Writer

After a five-year wait, Tame Impala fans will just have to hold out a little longer until Feb. 14, the newly announced release date of Kevin Parker’s highly anticipated next album “The Slow Rush.” Alongside the announcement, which came via a series of cryptic videos on Tame Impala’s website, a brand new single, “It Might Be Time” was released. This is the third official single from the upcoming album, with the tracks “Patience” and “Borderline” dropping in April and May of this past year. The prior two tracks before “It Might Be Time” musically stem more from Kevin Parker’s delve into ’70s dance music that shows up constantly on his 2015 album “Currents.” With “It Might Be Time,” however, fans of Tame Impala’s more psychedelic rock roots present on his albums “Lonerism” and “InnerSpeaker” will be delighted to hear the distorted and heavy drums make their return in full form. “It Might Be Time” is in many ways a melding of Tame Impala’s two phases, psychedelic rock and 70’s style disco, that come together to form a profoundly satisfying and catchy track. As always, Kevin Parker’s masterful production and musical perfectionism is heard on full display with the new track, with special attention given to the stereo panning and placement of falsetto vocal tracks which give a sense of smooth and transient awe for which Tame Impala is so beloved.

As an explanation for the excessive five-year wait that fans have undergone since “Currents,” Parker recently took to his Instagram page and wrote, “sorry it’s all been a bit weird this year, there are all sorts of excuses I could serve you, but it basically all comes down to me hating the idea of giving you anything that isn’t the best my entire heart and soul and brain can give,” promising the consistent level of high quality music that fans love the one-man band for. And if “It Might be Time” is anything to go by, fans can put their faith in Kevin Parker’s words and listen to another amazing album when it releases on Feb. 14, 2020.

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