Party Like There is a Tomorrow

Jacob Francis, Social Butterfly

A few times a year, Westmont students and faculty pull out all the stops. Labor Day, National Ice Cream Day, and most importantly, Hallow’s eve, mark dramatic events within the Westmont world. On Halloween, students discover who they truly are amid the chaotic crucible of continuous parties. 

In past years, things have escalated to such an extent that even the non-homeschooled students were taken aback. A call was made by a student to the police after another student drank two cups of Kombucha. The student fell unconscious as a result of the act, causing the community to re-evaluate its policy on fermented drinks. Campus security was called on another occasion during the Halloween season in the Page MPR. Spooktacular was in full swing, campus security arrived on the scene, and the students present assumed it was a result of the rave that someone had filed a noise complaint. It turned out, rather, to be a response to a lost key. 

The Halloween festivities are not restricted to the campus alone, as just off campus in the faculty housing, students have the annual opportunity to answer academic questions for candy. A practice originally started by the math department, other divisions took up the idea as well, resulting in homework assignments based on who chooses to attend the event rather than going to Isla Vista. Some claim this has negatively affected their Halloween experience but it is mostly understood that these events are far more stimulating than the alternative. 

The big ticket attractions of Halloween night are the private house parties located off campus. Here you can find grown adults bobbing for apples, and mosh pits forming in response to worship solos. Kids have been known to mix Dune coffee and Handlebar tea, an activity known as getting crossed, resulting in the heightened effect of both substances. Some students choose to participate in shuttle surfing as well, standing in the shuttle while it is in motion without holding onto any guardrails. This is also where the protest of Halloween is celebrated and the students who pretend they have Lutheran friends celebrate “Luther Fest.” Once, an unmarried student was found to have held the hand of another unmarried student in a storage closet during the party which resulted in the immediate expulsion of both individuals.

  As the night continues, students turn to heated battles of “whose nun costume is less ironic” and “can you claim to be a Christian while still wearing a short skirt.” These questions and many like them serve to guide the community into uncompromising excellence while maintaining Westmont’s title as the top California party school. At the end of the night, our students sleep well, knowing they have the exact skills necessary to interact with non-Christians and outrageous gatherings as a result of their immersion into a freedom-based community. 

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