Dining commons embraces Disney

Simeon Michelson, Capstone Writer

“You asked, we listened!” says Sodexo corporate headquarters. This year, in addition to Thanksgiving week and International Week, Sodexo is adding an annual Disney-themed week to the Dining Commons (DC) calendar. Disney week aims to celebrate important cultural moments and give the DC a chance to reuse old recipes under new, exciting names. For example, the My Dish bar will be Frozen-themed, serving Sven’s glazed carrots and Olaf ice water. Furthermore, each entree will be coated in deliciously chilled soft serve to enhance the sensation of a winter wonderland in your mouth! 

Over in the international section, students will be able to order the gray stuff — it’s delicious — Remy’s ratatouille, Tiana’s beignets and Mike Wazowski’s screaming sushi. All are perfect meals to share with your Westmont Wow! The drink machines will dispense Belle’s rose petal tea and Carl’s grape soda, and Simple Servings will offer up Kronk’s world-renowned spinach puffs.

While most of the new foods sound simply scrumptious, some students have raised concerns. DC seafood, typically avoided like Simba avoids Zazu, will be back and better-than-ever in the form of Flounder fillets, Sebastian’s crab legs and Dori sushi. Furthermore, the Cars-themed Gas-and-Go section will be much more efficient. Instead of the usual, boring brown bag, students in a rush can pick up a small flask of high performance Rust-Eze bumper ointment — the energy drink packed with all your necessary daily nutrients — before heading back out to class.

But wait, there’s more good news! The dessert section will feature Mr. Incredible’s chocolate conflict cake and Snow White’s poison apple pie. For students looking to stave off the freshman fifteen, Sodexo has cleverly installed a Sugar Rush virtual reality game right next to the desserts. The game will allow students to vicariously enjoy all kinds of sweet treats without eating any of them! 

The more observant Disney fans will have noticed that the DC hinted at the new theme by releasing Inside Out-themed broccoli pizza last week. First-year student Riley Anderson commented, “While I personally think that broccoli pizza is the only thing worse than Hawaiian pizza, I’m still overjoyed that the DC will bring Disney to life. I always noticed the creative names they give relatively normal food and thought: if you’re gonna rename pork and rice, you might as well spice it up and name it Mushu’s Meal.”

A few small aesthetic changes will accompany the theme change. First of all, the Dining Commons sign will come down. The new sign and abbreviation for the DC will now be “Disney’s Corporation.” Students will be greeted at the DC entrance by lifesize cardboard cutouts of Mike Wazowski and Sully pointing towards a trail of cheerios leading into the DC. When students follow the trail, they will find the DC completely redesigned to look like Gusteau’s restaurant, complete with a singing cabaret of student workers dressed as household objects. Merrily singing from table to table, they’ll invite students to “be our guest” in the new and exciting world of the Disney-fied DC.

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